Thursday, February 11, 2016

Week One - The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan (Cycle 1)

It has been a week since I started The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan and thought I would pop in with an update for those wondering.


I was most worried about the food on the plan being a vegetarian, I had heard a lot of people saying that the meat didn't translate well with the vegetarian plan yet I was pleasantly surprised.

The first week was hard in terms of sticking to three meals a day and two snacks not to mention the sheer portions of food I was consuming and although I have never starved myself, I have never eaten this much food as I always thought it would make me gain more weight.

During the first week I wanted to have most of my ingredients fresh so the only meals I was pre-prepping were lunches to take to work meanwhile I was having my breakfasts and dinners fresh which I thoroughly enjoyed and it fit in well with my schedule.

Everything I have eaten this week has been absolutely delicious, it's actually hard to begin to even describe or pick a favourite out of the meals I have eaten and I think I had a nice variance throughout the week to keep me happy. As I can't pick a few favourites, here are a few I have posted throughout the week on my Instagram @tashameline - I am posting everyday so if you'd like to follow along with breakfast, lunch and dinner then pop on over!

The best thing about this plan so far is that I haven't been hungry after any meal which has really helped my sweet tooth and cravings although I still have had my fair few but have had the strongest will power and resistance than I have ever been able to have when saying no to the bad things. 

My snacks also change daily as I like to make sure I get a variety in. Here is what my average day looked like last week; 

Breakfast = Reduced Carb Oatmeal
Snack = Cashew Nuts
Lunch = Mushroom and Feta Omelette
Snack = Snack-a-jacks 
Dinner = Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers 


My plan says to workout between 4 to 5 times a week which I was initially worried about as I really am not fantastic in the fitness or stamina department and a little bit of a baby when it comes to sore muscle.

I managed to do 4 HIIT sessions last week as on Wednesday when I woke up I could barely walk and my back was in agony. I already have a previous back injury and therefore decided to limit it to 4 times and give my back a break for 2 days. After Thursday I was absolutely fine and more than ready to continue my HIIT on Friday and Saturday. My muscles we super sore the whole of last week but I took some comfort in knowing that at least I kicked my own ass into gear and worked hard.

This week I will be doing 5 HIIT sessions as that is the route I want to continue down going forward for the rest of my Cycle 1.


Now to the nitty gritty, the cost of my week.

Some of you may read the number below and think it is a little OTT per week but I can assure you that we did a lot of bulk buying so that we were prepared. My other half and I are both doing the plan and as his portions are almost double mine so the cost does go up as we have to buy a lot more to make sure we have enough for both of our weights combined.

My whole bill for the week came to +/- £115 this was including food shopping at Tesco and outside purchases such as Holland and Barrett, tupperware and a Dolphin Fitness order. I was shocked when I first totalled it all but then sat down and worked it out per day which only works out to £16.40 a day and between the two of us it only works out to £8.20 for each of us. I could spend that on a lunch itself or the expensive healthy snack bars etc that I was eating so the initial cost really didn't bother me as for the amount of food we got I really was expecting a heavier cost.

I did the majority of my shopping at Tesco as I really just wanted to get it done but if you shopped around and didn't mind shop hopping for alternatives then I am sure you could save a fair chunk of this portion. Also bare in mind that some of you may have the spices and ingredients already in your house but we started fresh and didn't have a lot of what was on our plan. Another thing to keep in mind is that final bill was for everything, all the ingredients, all the snacks. That's 3 full sized healthy and perfectly balanced meals and 2 snacks a day for £8.20 a person, bargain.


The only results I will really pay attention to are the ones at the end of the month when I submit my cycle but out of interest I thought I would do a weekly results just for research purposed and my own intrigue.

In terms of inches I have lost a few 0.5's around the legs, chest and arms and 1 whole inch off my waist and hip already.

My weight has plateaued for a while so I really wasn't expecting to see much of a difference in the weight department yet on Monday when I weighed myself I have already lost 2 kg's = 4.4 lbs this week which although may change this week or next is a great starting point and something to look forward to.

It is important not to go by the weight you see on the scales though and more on how your body feels in clothes and looks in the mirror and although I wouldn't recommend to get on the sad step throughout the process and weigh yourself all the time, I really wasn't bothered if it was going to be a gain or loss as I still have 21 days to go in this cycle.

My worst days were probably day 4 and 5 as I was feeling ridiculously tired and just wanted to drag myself back to bed but by the time day 6 rolled around I started feeling much better. I have had few headaches, a little bit of dizziness and very dry lips/mouth but I have heard these are all symptoms of Ketosis which means my body is in the process of burning fat. So, it's not a bad thing!

I am so proud of myself for how much determination I have shown this week and not giving into ANY of my cravings which is completely unheard of with me. I have such a steady head and mindset to face week 2 and cannot wait to see what it holds for me!

If you'd like to know anything more then leave your thoughts and questions in the comments...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Vegan Kind Monthly Subscription Box: November

I was so interested by November's vegan box as once again I had seen many pictures of other people's boxes which, as usual got me very excited for the day mine arrived.