Thursday, November 14, 2013

Freebies: Benefit Lipgloss with Elle

Magazines are really stepping it up with their free samples leading up to Christmas and December's Elle actually had a free trial size of the Benefit lipgloss! 

I love a good freebie with my magazines and so when I saw that Elle has a freebie of a free trail size Benefit lipgloss with the December issue the only thing I could thing was yes please!

This will actually be the FIRST thing I have ever owned from Benefit and it only cost me £4.00 - bargain. 

There are three of Benefit's best selling shades to choose from: CORALista, Hoola and Dandelion. I picked up the two that I saw which was CORALista and Hoola (the magazine was ONLY £4), I was searching for the Dandelion shade but it seems nowhere has that one anymore. These are a 6.5ml tube so I would say it is worth about £6-£7 which I don't think is bad sample size considering the full size version 15ml is £14.50. 

This was more of an impulse buy as I don't actually like lip gloss but the hype of Benefit's products had me wondering and to be honest, I don't think I could have asked for a better opportunity to try one of their glosses. 

 My first thoughts on the gloss was that they are actually really nice, surprising even. 
Left to right: CORALista and Hoola
CORALista is a very sheer coral toned gloss which doesn't leave a huge trace of orange on the lips (which I like). 
Hoola is a shimmering golden nude gloss and as you can see has a few little goldy like flecks to it.

1) I don't like Coral colours as I hate orange but the fact that CORALista is a sheer colour to begin with helps. I don't find it gives a huge bash of coral which I am thankful for. 

2) The reason I hate lip glosses is because of that sticky, tacky feel they have - this? NONE. There is absolutely nothing sticky or tacky about these glosses and when they eventually wear down you are just left with velvet feeling smooth lips which I am a huge fan of! 

All in all I am really glad I picked these up when I spotted them as they are flying off the shelves in my local stores. I am quite disappointed I wasn't able to hunt down Dandelion but maybe one will pop up soon! (fingers crossed). 

These glosses are a definite winner in my eyes and what's more is that if you are a fan of Elle and Benefit, they are giving readers a free Hoola Bronzer worth £23.50 if you subscribe to the magazine for the cost of £9.99 - incredible! What a welcome gift to have! 

What do you think of Benefit products? Will you be subscribing? 


  1. I love hoola sooo much. Love it when you get good freebies with magazine, I'm currently loving my Kate Spade nail varnish which I got with Glamour magazine! eek!


  2. I cannot find Dandelion anywhere lol! I love Nails Inc nail polish and the Kate Spade polish is lovely :) Freebies are always welcome! lol xxx