Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Treacle Moon My Coconut Island & Her Lavender Story

If you know me, you would know that I am an absolute sucker when it comes to the beautiful sweet smelling, delicious, nostalgic scents that warm the entire room and make you feel happy! 

Treacle Moon which are owned by the company Blue Orange have some AMAZING products! This is not an over-exaggeration. If like me you do not want to pay the price of Philosophy products then this is your next best bet.
The prices for these products are very inexpensive and they smell like they could very well be Philosophy so all over I think this is a huge WIN!  

I popped into Tesco and needed some new additions to my bathroom and came across shelves of the most gorgeous and bright products I have seen in a long time, now the unique descriptions on the front had me standing there for ages reading them and I could not resist standing there and smelling each and every individual product of theirs I could find (yes right there on the shop floor for a good 30 minutes). I wanted to grab one of everything and put it in my trolley but I left with their gentle hand wash and a bath and shower gel. 

My Coconut Island Gentle Hand Wash (£2.49)

This scent in particular reminds me of the Philosophy Coconut Frosting scent which costs £14 for the shampoo/ bath and body gel but for less than £3 and with 20ml more you really cannot go wrong with these. 

If I could be surrounded by this smell all day, I would be. The scent is as it says coconut but it also has a nice smell of buttery vanilla (to my scent buds anyway) it is a light clean fragrance and this has now been added to my list of favourite hand washes. 

Her Lavender Story Bath and Shower Gel - (£1.99)

If you can go to Tesco and just smell this you will know exactly what I mean when I say WOW. This is so clean and fresh and most of all relaxing. I love lavender as I suffer from anxiety and bad sleep but sometimes find it can be overpowering - this is not, it is a beautiful mixture of softened lavender and this is what I would love my bed to smell like as I am 100% sure I would have beautiful dreams. 

Treacle Moon is great value for money and definitely one of my favourite brands when it comes to supermarket/drugstore products. 

Another huge bonus (for me) is that they do not test any of their products on animals and there are no animal derived products in the formula itself making it vegetarian friendly. I think this is wonderful as sometimes when buying inexpensive brands, they often do test their products on animals or use gelatin and/or other animal derived products to bulk their own products up, hence making it less expensive. 

I will definitely be trying more of their products - in my eyes this is a winning brand not to mention they bring out new scents all the time! I have my eyes on a few already. 

Treacle Moon products are available to buy exclusively from Tesco (I really wish they had a store). 

Do you have any favourite scents from Treacle Moon? Will you be stopping buy and picking up any of their products?