Tuesday, November 05, 2013

MAC Pro Palette Eyeshadows & Swatches

I have become a fond eyeshadow lover and felt like I really needed to try my first MAC eyeshadows. I picked these up whilst I was in Qatar...

MAC Pro Palette x 4 (£5)
You buy the size palette you want and either depot your eyeshadows into the palette or buy the eyeshadows you want separately and fill it up with individual eyeshadows of your choice. The eyeshadow refill pans cost £10 instead of the normal £13 which is a great incentive to depot your pans. The main benefit to having these eyeshadow palettes is that all of your eyeshadows can be stored together. MAC also sell a 15 pan eyeshadow palette.

The palette is sturdy and easy to clean and extremely easy to get the colours into which I thought was going to be a lot harder. What I like the most is the transparent lid which allows you to see they colours you have in there immediately instead of faffing around looking through palettes for the colours you may want to use.

I originally went in to get the shades Cranberry and Nylon but had the desire to fill my palette whilst I was there well I had the desire to purchase the whole store but I refrained (this time). 

The shades I chose are Cranberry, Nylon, Brun and Mythology.  All of them are extremely beautiful and if I had my way I would have filled up a 15 palette. Sadly the store I went into was lacking on colours so I count myself lucky I got the ones I wanted. 

I absolutely love the way these are packaged and find them so adorable! Is that weird? My heart had the flutters when I opened them up.

Just look at this perfection! The pigment basically screams as soon as they are uncovered...

There was absolutely no hassle or mess getting them into the palette and they just looked like they were always meant to be there. (Yes, I get emotional over make-up lol). This is usually the part where the angel sing *insert here*. 

Nylon (£10)
"Pale gold with icy shimmer" - This shade is beautiful! The pigment is wonderful (like all of them) and it isn't too gold which is what I was first worried about. This is an awesome colour to use as a highlighter on the brow and the inner corner of the eyes. 

Cranberry (£10)

"Red-plum with pink shimmer" - Ah, Cranberry, you stole my heart. This is what my eyeshadow collection has been missing. I am not usually one that wears red/plum/purples or pinks on my eyes but Cranberry is surely the one that can change minds. 

Mythology (£10)
"Copper" - Mythology is so much more than a "copper" shade. Although it does have that aspect to it I find it to be a bit more like a salmon colour too! It is a shimmery colour and you can feel, what I assume is little glitter pieces, as it is a bit more textured than the other 3 but again the pigmentation is amazing! 

Brun (£10)

"Muted blackish-brown" - Perfect crease colour! I did want to get Satin Taupe or Concrete but those were 2 colours they didn't have so rescanning the browns, this gorgeous brown caught my eye. This is obviously the least shimmery shade I purchased but used together with the shimmer and even alone it looks beautiful. 

I can feel my purse twinging while I write this and I feel like it is only my duty to go out and purchase more but again I will refrain! I think this is another make-up addiction I may not be able to control. 

What are some of your favourite eyeshadow colours OR MAC products?


  1. i love the look of mythology and cranberry!
    my MAC collection is only starting out, but i love my Half 'n half lipstick :) want to build up my MAC eyeshadow collection! I have 4 at the moment!

    i really love your blog (commented on another post as well) :D
    im not trying to spam but would you be so kind as to follow me? i already follow your bloglovin and twitter :) xox

    1. They are beautiful! Seriously I can feel the addiction to them already haha!
      Of course I will follow you! Thank you very much for commenting with your opinion :D xxx

    2. Thank you! Looking forward to watching our blogs develop together heheheh :) xoxx