Saturday, November 23, 2013

November Birchbox | Icons

My November Birchbox arrived yesterday and I absolutely love the selection of products within the box. This box is called Icons. 
My November Birchbox arrived yesterday and it is definitely safe to say that I was not disappointed! 
Birchbox, you brilliant box. 

I always love the little baggies that the Birchbox come with, especially how the little bags are always different colours.

Sneaky peak! 

Here are all the products that were in the box, overall I am extremely happy with all of the products and there are now tons of new things to try out! 

Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo for dry and damaged hair. 
Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Body Butter (this smells incredible). I was actually really excited to receive another Laura Mercier product and cannot wait to try some more things from the brand. 

A little perfume never hurt anyone! I wasn't sure if I was going to like the smell of this as I am not really a 'floral' kind of person but this was surprisingly nice. 

 Chella highligher pencil in Ivory Lace. 
Lila'lli Line, Define and Fill pencil in Charlotte (I am going to have some fun playing with this!). 

I am really glad that I decided to subscribe to Birchbox and every single box I have received has not been disappointing. 

If you fancy popping over to my new Youtube channel and watch the video where I show you the products and a few swatches then click here
OR you can watch the video right now!! 

Do any of you subscribe to Birchbox or any other beauty box?


  1. I'm not subscribed to any but mainly because I don't know what would I do with the products I don't like/won't use, so I would be wasting my money. But this one looks really cute, and it brings a Laura Mercier body butter ♥
    Your blogs is really beautiful, the pictures are really clear :)
    You've got a new follower (and I've seen that you like Nickelback which is a plus!)

    Greetings from Barcelona! | nerweenmakeupbag

    1. Well with the products I don't use or like I give them to people who will like my mum, or her friends or my friends...
      Birchbox is absolutely amazing :) I am never disappointed with it. Thank you so much for the compliment!
      Oh I don't like Nickelback, I LOVE Nickelback lol :P
      Thank you for following! good to have you onboard! x

  2. Its nice, and u look great in that video