Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Autumn Tag

I absolutely love love love Autumn and wanted to do this tag on my Youtube channel but seeing as I am still trying to get it up and running, my blog will have to do! :D 

What could be better than Autumn? All the beautiful drinks, hot chocolate, onesies, cosy fireplaces, dark plum lips, dark nail polishes and so much more that makes Autumn an enjoyable season! 

Favourite thing about Autumn? 
All of the above! New drinks, dark nails, vampy lips, boots. fireplaces, beautiful leaves and the beautiful fresh chilled air in the morning. 

Favourite drink?
The Gingerbread Frappucinno from Starbuck! It is absolutely beautiful OR the hot chocolate with pumpkin spice syrup! Perfect.  

Favourite scent/candle? 
My favourite scent around Autumn are soft oriental fragrances like jasmine and ylang ylang with vanilla and citrus. Some of my favourite candles are anything with vanilla, light musk, caramel, ginger and spice. I love cosy sweet smelling things but they can't be too strong. I am a bit of a candle fiend. 

Best lipstick? 
My favourite favourite lipstick for this time of the year is MAC Plumful, Hot Tahiti and Brick-O-La (all beautiful for Autumn/Winter) and Rimmel Kate Moss in the colour 107. 

Go-to moisturiser?
I haven't really found a moisturiser that does huge amounts for me but I love the Garnier Perfect Match in Start Afresh and I love my Dr. Organic moisturiser. 

Go-to colour for the eyes?
I love all bronze, white and maroon/burgundy colours for the Autumn. I wear bronze colours everyday and so tend to stick with colours that go with it. 

Favourite music to listen to?
Nickelback, Nickelback and more Nickelback. I love every single one of their songs and they are my absolute favourite band. I do like some Metallica in the fall and definitely some Guns N Roses plus many others. 

Favourite outfit to wear?
During Autumn I only ever want to be in my cosy pajamas and my onesies but as I need to venture out I love my coat, sweaters and scarves, anything comfy! 

Autumn treat?
I usually treat myself to some new candles if I don't have any laying around, a new throw as I am obsessed with soft, comfy, fluffy blankets during Autumn and maybe some new clothes and a few items of make-up. 

Favourite place to be? 
My favourite place to be during Autumn is at home! Where else? At home all snug on the couch with comfort food, movies, cosy blankets and beautiful scents. 

I tag absolutely every single one of you who read my blog because I would love to read about your favourite things to do with Autumn!


  1. Just found your blog and I love it! New follower here, I can't wait to read more of your posts xx

  2. Great post Tasha! :)
    i would do the tag but in australia we are currently in spring..damn! D:

    1. Why dont you do a Spring tag :D?? That would be really awesome to see. x