Thursday, December 19, 2013

MAC Brick-O-La

The last of the lipsticks I bought while I was going through duty free is MAC's Brick-O-La. This is the darkest and more pigmented of the three...
MAC Brick-O-La (£15.50) is described as a 'mid-tone berry' and is an amplified finish. The amplified finishes offer great colour pay off and stay around a lot longer than cremesheen, lustre, satin, frost and glaze formulas. To me the amplified formula is a hybrid between a lustre and a satin as it applied really creamy and feels like velvet. 

 Now if you ask me, I think this is a beautiful red lipstick for a beginner or for someone who isn't too keen on the 'bold red' look as this lipstick is just effortless and pulls make-up looks together perfectly. 

There is no drag on my lips when I use this making it very easy to apply and not get all over my forehead (metaphorically speaking that is). This is one of the prettiest and most understated reds that I own. 

Is rosy the right way to sum this up? I hope so. It really compliments blonde hair, green eyes and a paler complexion but I also think this is a very versatile lipstick for all skin tones. 

A huge plus for this is the fact it doesn't dry your lips out, dry lips is a definite no no for me. I would say this lipstick lasts about four to five hours on me until it just leaves behind a trace and that is just a normal day wear, I assume if you will be eating or drinking alot it would come off sooner. 

All in all I think this shade is a winner! 

After writing this post I now have an itch to buy more MAC lipsticks. Uh oh. 

What do you think of this shade? Are there any you would recommend? 


  1. i love mac lipsticks, they don't melt as badly in the heat ^_^
    it's 45C here in Adelaide

    1. That is great news :) Not that England would ever be that hot haha :)