Friday, December 27, 2013

MAC | New Collection: Magnetic Nude

Exciting news for any MAC lovers out there! 
I was jumping out of my seat when I saw that MAC had not only launched 1 collection but they had actually launched 3.

This collection is supposed to be running from Winter 2013 - Spring 2014 and it is absolutely GORGEOUS! 

The new collection has 4 lipsticks, 5 tinted lipglasses, new opulash mascara, 5 extra dimension eyeshadows, 3 fluidlines, 3 extra dimension blushers, 3 extra dimension skin finishes and a few new brushes.  
A few of the items out of the collection are repromotes. 
Now if I added pictures of everything this would be a very long post BUT I will provide a detailed list of all items that have come out and a few pictures to show you how beautiful some of the items are. 

Just look! Oh my god, just look! These lipsticks are beautiful and as soon as I got the notification that there was some new collections I immediately hopped onto their website and alot of the lipsticks are already sold out so that was a major disappointment but I will definitely have my eyes open from now on. 

Lipsticks - £15

Close Contact - creamy peach (Amplified Creme)
Sensual Sparkle - cool tone caramel (Amplified Creme) 
Morning Rose - soft cool rose (Cremesheen)
Carnal Instinct - deep brick red with gold pearl

Lipglass - £14.00

A Quiet Roar - creamy off white (repromoted)
Hellbound - brick red with gold pearl (repromoted)
Oh My Darling - pale yellow pink (repromoted)
Over Spiced - muted coral
Steel Kiss - mauve with green pearl

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow - £17.00

A Natural Flirt - iridescent light pink (repromoted)
Sweet Heat - soft peach pink (repromoted)
Platinum Love - bright clean silver
Amorous Alloy - deep terracotta copper
Silver Dawn - grey mauve

Fluidline - £15.00

Chilled - frosted white gold
It's Physical - brown with purple pearl
Our Secret - metallic brown with red pearl

Extra Dimension Blush - £20.00

At Dusk - mid tone rose 
Autoerotique - coral rose 
Pleasure Model - soft terracotta with pearl

Extra Dimension Skinfinish - £22.00

Superb - soft peachy nude with soft dimensional shimmer 
Magnetic Appeal - medium tan with fine gold sheen 
Fairly Precious - peach with dimensional pearly sheen

Opulash Mascara - £14.00

Brushes - £22.50/£27.00

235 Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush 
128 Splite Fibre Cheek Brush


  1. Ohh great I can't wait to buy this :) I'm starting on MAC products next year !


    1. Me neither! I am waiting as soon as the shades I like come back in stock! :D
      Thank you for reading!

  2. WOW, this is a great collection, love those brushes. Would you like to follow each other? I AM YOUR NEW follower IN GFC # 30, I also follow you in bloglovin.
    I hope you visit my blog and follow me back

    1. Isn't it amazing? Thank you so much for following me :) xx