Thursday, January 16, 2014

Garnier | Ultimate Kit For Glowing Skin

I seem to have this 'thing' with Garnier without even knowing it. I often buy things, really like them and realise it is actually a Garnier product! I know right? Like the name all over the packaging isn't enough to tell me but I think I just pick it up instinctively.

I love Garnier products but I am very dubious when it comes to these BB/CC Creams and Miracle Oils. In regards to the BB Creams I've read the reviews of everyone who likes them and I've tried three drugstore brands but all of them make my face feel very oil and I just feel like it sits there all day feeling like that. I was lucky enough to not actually have to pay for this set as there was a Garnier representative in my town centre handing out a few of these to people walking by. From what I could see she only had the light shade in her basket so I assume they were either getting rid of them or just targeting them to certain people but regardless I was one lucky passer-by and got this kit for free which I couldn't really complain about. 

This is a set which I later found out was a little Christmas set on offer at Tesco for £14. I am not sure if it was just Tesco or if Boots and Superdrug had them but I noticed them reduced at Tesco after being given this one. I was very excited when I saw the Ultimate Beauty Oil and slightly nervous about the BB Cream. 

Let's start with the Ultimate Beauty Oil shall we? 

It is beautiful! Such a lightweight formula and definitely non-transferable unlike those other beauty oils that claim to be weightless and you can still feel the greasy film. This also has an amazing fragrance to it and I could personally smell the Rose and Argan oil. 
This beauty oil is enriched with five precious oils and is supposed to leave your skin feeling nourished, moisturised, smoother and softer. Major CHECK! 
I have also been skeptical on these beauty oils so this review wasn't taken light heartedly haha! This stuff is incredible! I haven't had an oil I have enjoyed using so much and the scent it leaves behind is gorgeous and compliments my perfume daily without overpowering my skin, it does wear out after a few hours but it is nice while it lasts. 
When I use this my skin looks healthier and more radiant and I think this is a product I would definitely recommend. 
If you are someone who is on the market for a beauty oil that does what it says and isn't £20+ then I would grab this and give it a try! 

The Ultimate Beauty Oil is available to buy from Boots for £7.49 (clickable link here)


Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector 5-in-1 BB cream - I obviously as said above received the light shade which I think is still a bit too dark for me and if not done with time and care can look orangey on a very pale complexion, if I had my summer tan then this would be a perfect shade.

Onto the details, this BB Cream is supposed to; 
  • Even skin tone - I find it evens out my skin tone as much as BB Cream like this can but as it isn't the right shade it is hard to tell what a shade matched to my skin would do. Let's just say it evens my skin tone to the product colour so I assume if I they made a lighter shade it would work for me. As I said, with a tan this I feel would even it out to a neutral colour.
  • Blurs lines and imperfection - this to some extent but again because of the shade difference, any lines in my face were enhanced as I could see the difference in skin tone but presumably like the first point, with the right shade it would do an OK job at this. I don't think it does an amazing job but for a light coverage and sheer look it will do for me.
  • Boost healthy glow - this one is a definite check, when I wore this I had many compliments on my skin looking healthier even when it was in the wrong shade, this was after I had blended the shizz out of it and powdered it down but it does give the nice 'beach goddess' glow (if I could take it that far haha). 
  • Provide 24 hour hydration - another point I find true. Not once while I used this did my skin feel dry, if anything it felt like a tinted moisturiser. Also it did not react to my already sensitive skin. 
  • Provide UV protection /SPF 15 - well this one you can't really argue with because if it's there it is there. The only point I will make about this is I find the BB Cream smells a tad like sunscreen which I personally have no complaints over but it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Now I know showing you a swatch on my hand doesn't really work with this product but I more or less wanted to show the colour difference along with the formula which I would say is not too thick but not liquid either, it is a comfortable in-between formula. From here you can already see the orangey tone it has compared to my skin colour and my hands are of course darker than my face that is why I swatched it on there. 

It is a shame that they don't have a vast colour range but not many BB/CC creams I have seen do so I guess we will have to make do. This is a nice product, honestly. It isn't something I would run out and purchase again but I feel it may play an important role during the Summer when my skin starts to get dry patches and for the days when I don't full like having foundation on, we'll see. I can say however it doesn't leave the greasy film I have found with other BB Creams and feels like it settles nicely. 

I would definitely recommend trying this or testing it before you buy it just to make sure it works with your skin tone and skin type. I really can't complain as I didn't pay for it but if I hadn't I would still prefer to be on the safe side. 

This BB Cream can be picked up from Boots too at £7.49 (clickable link here).
This range do have this BB Cream in two other formulations one being for sensitive skin and one being for anti-ageing. 

I hope this review may have been a bit helpful and I would really like to know anyone elses opinions that have used this BB Cream. 

Do you have any recommendations for a good BB Cream that comes in better shades? 


  1. I have that BB cream in the medium shade! It's perfect for me and I find that all 5 claims are true! Although it does get a bit shiny in photos, I really love the consistency of it and it's extremely light. I agree with your view that it should come in more shades... great post!

    1. I don't find it shiny in photos but I always powder my face so it only really looks like my cheeks are about glowy :) It is really nice though. Thank you for reading! :) x

  2. You've got really nice blog here and my housemate uses garnier for absolutly everything shampoo, tan, sunscream like some might say shes obsessed :) Officially one of your followers, if you would check out my blog too and maybe follow that would make my day :)


    1. Awh thank you so much! I will definitely check out your blog! You made my day with your message.
      I love Garnier but seriously without even noticing it, just quality products for a good price. :) x

  3. Just found your blog - beautiful!
    from a fellow south african in london :)

    1. Thank you! YAY Fellow SA BUDDY! I have followed you back on your blog :) x

  4. I think that Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil looks really fabulous - let us know if its a good product as I really wouldn't mind trying it x

  5. I meant to say a good product long-term, obviously from your Blog above I can see you are using it - how regularly? x