Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Glossybox | The Limited Edition Christmas Box

A Glossybox I hear you say? Not just any Glossybox, a limited edition Glossybox. I decided to delve into the Limited Edition Christmas box as I felt the products were worth the amount of money spent which was only £25. 

This was definitely not a planned purchase and it was not something I was actually going to purchase due to the disappointing boxes before (sorry Glossybox it has to be said). I do not know what made me buy it, maybe it was all the other beautiful boxes floating around on my blog roll or the reviews on the quality of products in the box but I went and did it, again (bad Tash). 

This box includes 6 items all of which are full sized, WOOP!

I will give props for the presentation of the box as when I opened it, it looked gorgeous! Something I couldn't wait to get my hands into. 

EuPhidra Pearly Lip Gloss - £11.90

Now I am not too sure what shade this is as the top of the box says Mandarin so let's go with that. The gloss itself smells gorgeous and it is a very light, almost clear (a little bit pink) shimmery colour, definitely not as dark as in the tube. It is sticky which unfortunately is one of my pet peeves in glosses and that is why I often do not sport one. 

Be a bombshell bronzer in Tanorexic - £9.95

As you can see via the picture at the end of this post (product card), this was supposed to be a blush (what are you doing Glossybox?) Now to my camera it looks like a blush, a nice colour blush BUT it is an orangey brown bronzer. Now 1) I am definitely not a fan of the name, that may just be me but I don't find it that nice really 2) I was expecting a blusher, excited about a blusher and then got something I DEFINITELY cannot use. 
(I did email Glossybox and they informed me that they ran out of blushers and had limited stock, here I am asking myself why include a blusher in a box when you only have limited stock? Who knows, sorry about the rant but I was slightly angry haha). So bottom line, I wont be using this because it actually comes off ORANGE on the skin too which is not a good look for someone as fair as I am. 

So Susan Water-based Pure Luminizer - £25

One of the products that surprised me  MOST. This is such a beautiful product and at first I was a bit sceptical as a lot of people where saying that their tubes were half empty and they had to squeeze the tube completely to get a little bit of product, this was not what I found. Mine was full and I literally apply the smallest amount of pressure and the product appears. I would say this is a very soft rose gold/salmon pink colour when it comes out but once blended into whichever area you choose to highlight it just gives the most natural glow - definitely a product to keep your eyes on. 

Philip B. African Shea Butter Gentle & Conditioning Shampoo - £9.50 

This is a product I am excited to try as I have dryer more porous hair not to mention my hair is coloured. I think this would have been a much better twin set with the matching conditioner as I do not like mixing and matching shampoos and conditioners, am I the only one who dislikes doing that? 

Absolute! Perfume Stick - £9.50

Another thing I was sceptical on due to me just being generally fussy with scents and perfumes but number 369 smells absolutely amazing! It has a soft powdery, floral, spicy, sweet scent to it and I don't think I have ever smelt anything like this and the combination works so well. 
I love the fact that it is a solid stick instead of the perfume samples given in other boxes as I find them a bit more gentler on the skin and longer lasting to some degree. Overall a beautiful scent. 

Butter London - Nail Lacquer - £12.00 

Oh, oh, oh! this was definitely the main reason I bought the box. I have been uhming about getting a butter London nail polish for ages but haven't been able to justify the £12.00 - I thought the colour was going to be a more shimmery golden bronze but it turns out that is just the picture advertised. I know some people got a shimmery blue but I am completely fine with this neutral shade. What I do love about these polishes is the lid, some may think the square lids make it harder and more awkward to apply but butter London has thought of it all! You simply pull of the square cap to reveal a small handy round one that makes it perfect for precision on the nail. This shade is called Teetotal and is a beautiful rich chocolatey taupe. LOVE! 

Did you manage to get your hands on one of these boxes? Which products caught your eye?
Are there any other beauty box recommendations?