Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Birchbox | Tiny Tweaks

I thought I would let you all know that my first Birchbox of the year has arrived!! 

After a long wait due to the moving and it being delivered on the day I was actually between houses I finally got it! 

I do have to send a round of applause to Birchbox as I emailed them with my dilema letting them know that it had been delivered and signed for but not by myself or a surname any of my neighbours had. They were absolutely lovely about it and sent me a new one this time to the house where someone definitely was going to be there. YAY, so thank you Birchbox, your customer service is top notch! 

I usually post a lovely bunch of pictures for my Birchbox but as this one was so late in the months I decided to do a quick video on it so that atleast you could see what was inside and boy was it a good'un. I am extremely pleased like always with the box and am very excited to try the products I received. 

Here is le video for you to feast your eyes on; 

I could not rave about Birchbox enough and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great beauty box with higher end samples! It is such a bargain! 

Next month I will have my usual post with pictures and I will also be adding a section on how much the box is calculated to be worth, exciting! 

I do apologise for this being quite a brisk post but I didn't want to leave it out just because it was late. 

Here is Birchbox's website in case you wanted to go and have a look or if you would like to subscribe!

I hope you at least enjoyed my little video and I would appreciate a thumbs up and a subscribe click if you liked my channel, it's free and it makes me happy! :) 

What did you think of this months products? Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? 


  1. Looks like a lovely box, I haven't subscribed to any boxes ever but I am thinking about it after watching you rave over them - nice video

    1. Thank you :) I would definitely recommend it! :)