Tuesday, January 14, 2014

NARS | The NARSissist Eye Palette & Cheek Palette (Spring 2014 Collection)

Another updated post about the NARSissist Eye Palette and my first view of the new cheek palette that is coming out! This post leads on from my last one (click here to read that). 

NARS Spring 2014 Gifting

This time I wanted to share a post with those of you who haven't already had the sneaky peakies into the palette or a good play or simply if you didn't even know about the palette :) 
I have finally tracked down the name of the shades within the palette as well as what shade/finish they are, not to mention I am now also bringing you the information on the lovely Sephora Exclusive cheek palette. 

The NARSissist Eye Palette (Limited Edition) - $79/(£48.03)

The palette comes with the 15 following shades (starting from top row across from left to right); 
  • All About Eve I: flesh toned neutral. 
  • Madrague II: matte caramel. 
  • Fez: velvety cocoa. 
  • Bali: a neutral browny-taupe. 
  • Coconut Grove: deep brown infused with reflections. 
  • Madrague I: a matte cream. 
  • Nepal: a soft, sheer rose. 
  • Ashes To Ashes: a shimmery violet based brown. 
  • Brousse II: a black violet. 
  • Mekon: an espresso infused with gold. 
  • Bellissima I: a shimmering beige with subtle glitter. 
  • Lhasa: a lavender grey.
  • Bad Behaviour: a deep pewter. 
  • Dogon II: a charcoal black. 
  • Pandora II: a matte black. 

The NARSissist Eye Palette is available via narscosmetics.com from January 15th. It will also be available in NARS stores and department stored on February 1st. It is available NOW at Nordstrom but is already sold out. 

NARS Spring 2014 Gifting

The NARSissist Cheek Palette (Sephora Exclusive) - $49/(£29.85)

Now this is new news to me and sadly another palette I will miss out on again as it is a Sephora exclusive! DAMMIT!!! 
I am quite disappointed by this as I missed out on the One Night Stand Palette (as it sold so fast) and now this one isn't even shipped to the UK. Bad times guys, bad times. 

This Cheek Palette contains the 3 following shades; 
  • Devotee (highlighting blush): luminous alabaster sheen. 
  • Orgasm: peachy pink with gold shimmer. 
  • Laguna (bronzer): diffused brown powder with golden shimmer. 
  • + a Travel sized blush brush. 

This is available NOW  at Sephora (clickable link).

Do you have your eyes on just the palette or are you lusting for the whole collection?