Sunday, January 12, 2014

NARS | NEW NARSissist Eye Palette

My blog seems to be becoming a 'launch' page for products that are coming out, I hope you don't mind I just can't resist with all these beautiful collections coming out soon! 

The newest I have my eyes on is the NARSissist Palette! Say what??

This soon to be released pallete contain 15 neutral and versatile/smoky/easy to wear shades, it looks absolutely beautiful! 

The 15 shades contained within this palette will vary from shimmer, matte and satin finishes and will be taken straight from the NARS core collection of  single and duo eyeshadows.
Isn't it glorious? Not to mention you will apparently be able to use this wet and dry. Now I am sure this will have a reasonably hefty price tag as do many eyeshadow palettes from higher end make-up brands but I am sure many of us who are NARS fans are not going to mind delving into the savings and spending some hard earned cash on this baby. 

Many NARS employees have had the privilege of receiving or seeing the new collection upcoming and there are a few pictures circulating on Instagram and other social media sites. If you search the palette on Instagram many pictures come up.  

These are a few pictures that I have seen circulating around the interwebs. 
The eyeshadow in this picture is apparently called 'Kauai'. The purple/lilac lipgloss is named 'Annees Folle'. 

This is rumoured to be launched to celebrate 20 years of NARS cosmetics - I think this is probably a given definite as funnily enough Annees Folle (if that is the name of the gloss) was a name given to describe the 1920's and was called Les Annees Folle translating to the Golden Twenties (coincidence?). 

As far as I can see Nordstroms had a sample up so that people could pre-order it and the price is around $79 which is (if true) £47.96 making it only £10 and a few pennies more expensive than the recently launched Naked3 palette! Worth it? Most definitely...

Not only will the palette be released but as seen above they have the Larger Than Life lipglosses and eyeliners coming out in some different shades and colours. 

The rumour is that it will be released from the 12th - 15th in the UK and USA (don't hold me to that) and then some people are saying towards the end of January and start of February. 

What do you think? Will you be picking up one? 

I am sure these are going to fly off the stands and spread like wildfire, I am so friggin' excited! 

*Disclaimer: All images taken from and NARS facebook page*


  1. I'm just as excited as you! It looks amazing so yes I most definitely will be giving it a go :) x

    1. I'm so glad! I didn't think I would be the only one :P! I think it is going to be one of these things that are so hard to get your hands on. Fingers crossed though! x