Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year, New Layout!

If you regularly read my posts then you would have seen that my blog has had a massive makeover! Would you like to know why?

Ever since I started this blog I have felt it was lacking in the template department. 
I really felt it needed some upgrading and of course I am useless at HTML codes and making everything look pretty, I do not find it the easiest and struggled for an age! Therefore no matter how much I tried to mess around with the HTML codes it just wasn't 'there' for me. 
I spent numerous hours watching tutorials on HTML codes and creating a basic template until I was blue in the face and desperate to know how EVERYONE else was managing to do it but just not me! Sounding familiar? Have you felt my pain? 
I have come to the conclusion that I am just not HTML savvy. 

So how did I get this beautiful layout you ask? Simple, I went on a hunt for someone who is not only HTML savvy but also has a stylish flair - with this hunt I also spent hours looking at prices, portfolios, blogger package options and testimonials and with the £100 - £300 price tag people were throwing around I thought I was at a loss and would just have to deal with the half made blog I had tried to create. 

Then a MIRACLE happened, I stumbled upon Carrie Loves Design Studio who is run by the loveliest woman (Carrie) now Carrie not only has a  whole online store of premade blogger templates to look through but you can also work with her in order to design a custom blog template. I was browsing through the premade templates and fell in love with one of them so decided to get in touch and also ask about the rates for a whole customer template. I had emailed and enquired with a lot of other people but no-one replied and I am so glad they didn't reply as I would have made a big mistake not choosing Carrie.

The custom templates range from $250-$300 depending on what is wanted OR obviously the cheaper option being the premade templates all of which are only £21.82. Now to me the only way around paying for a nice template is by having a friend who is willing to do the work for you or you know how to do it yourself. 

I opted for the premade template I fell in love with and then added on some customisable extra's e.g header, signature, widgets etc. I love the fact you are able to buy a template and then have specific add-ons to what you would like on your blog. 

Here are some of the new features on my blog: 

I have really nice link through buttons to all the places you can find me, a welcome photo and a little bit about me, a fancy blog archive and a little 'grab my button' widget as well as a few other additions. I love the simplistic and chic look (it may not be everyone's taste but it is 10% then I thought it was going to be and 1,000% better than it used to be). 

It did take a while for me to get my hands on some money as I had to wait for my pay day to come but as soon as it was here I was buying my template in a flash. I was expecting it to take a day or two due to time differences and such but NO Carrie had emailed not even an hour later to work with me on some of the customisable bits and bobs, not only was that extremely quick but my new layout was up and running within 2 hours, fully changed and full suited to everything I wanted. On Carrie's Etsy shop there are 35 pre-made templates! All are completely different and have different aspects and details, but as soon as I found 'the one' as so to speak I knew I had to have it. 

The template I have gone for is more of a simplistic one with not too many colours as I would like my posts and photos to be the main focus of the blog, I love the detailing on the blog as I find it is not too over the top. Carrie not only did an amazing job but she also went above and beyond and helped me with some other issues that I was having with my blog, which she did not have to do (thank you Carrie, I must have said thank you 50 times now haha). 

If you are like me and have tons of trouble getting your blog to look like you want it too then I would definitely recommend Carrie and her designs whether they be fully customised to you or one of the pre-made templates with some of the add-one features. 

Carrie can be found here at her website where you can see her portfolio and read her testimonials (Carrie Loves Design Studio) and here is Carrie's Etsy shop where you can purchase the templates and add-ons. Carrie does do more than just blogs and obviously has a great hand at all this fussy HTML stuff. 

I am sorry about the long post guys but I wanted to show you something that has really excited me and also give some very well deserved credit to a wonderful woman, which I feel is the way it should be when someone does an amazing job and goes the extra mile. 

What do you think of the new layout? Is it a it easier to see everything?

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post at all, these are my honest opinions and I payed for everything with my own hard earned money :)*