Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm

I FINALLY DID IT! What is 'it' you ask? 'it' is getting my hands on the NEW Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm which were released in the USA a few months ago and have now hit the UK. 

Yes there is only two of these that I managed to get as I actually had to order them offline and have been waiting since the 16th for them to arrive and then voilà they arrived on my doorstep today!  

They were supposed to launch on the 22nd (or so the rumours said) but I noticed on the 16th that my small Boots had a stand where they should have been so I assumed many people snapped them up. I went home straight away and ordered the two I wanted the most (even though I was tempted to buy them all). 

I picked up the shades Elusive and Sultry as all the swatches I saw of these two looked amazing! I can already tell I need more, it's a little bit bad. 

These are described as a 'velvet matte finish' and also contain the Triple Butter Complex (shea, mango and coconut butter) which allows them to be moisturising while leaving a beautiful matte finish. It definitely is not the drying sort of matte like MAC's Ruby Woo but it isn't on the glossy side either. There is still the peppermint fragrance to it just the Revlon Just Been Bitten Kissable Balm Stains but I would say this is less of a candy peppermint and more like a peppermint tea fragrance (that's what they remind me of anyway). 

I personally think they apply like butter and  I had no problem with swatching them. I knew they would still be moisturising as they are still classed in the Revlon 'Balm' range. 

Left to right - Au natural (without any product on), Elusive and Sultry. 
These little mint sticks are beautiful and have such an awesome colour pay off with just one swipe. My lips are quite pigmented without lipstick on but you can tell that the colour is so opaque and covers any natural colour I have which is great because it leaves Elusive being its true pretty pink. 

Elusive - this pink isn't too blue toned and it isn't too red toned - I think it is a perfect nude pink for an everyday wearable colour. 

Sultry - I find this more of a plum/brown colour on me, a bit like MAC's Brick-O-La but a lot less muted (on my lips). It may look like quite a bright colour at first but it is definitely day wearable approved! 

I personally love these and think they even out some of the dry lines and patches that I have had on my lips recently which I always look for in any lip product. To me, if it looks good whilst your lips are dry then it is going to look brilliant when they aren't. 

There are ten colours from each formula (Matte Balms and Lacquer Balms)
I definitely feel like I need to try out the Lacquer Balms now and will most definitely be purchasing some more when I can get my hands on the testers. 

These retail for £7.99 and can be purchased in Boots and online - I am sure they will be stocked in other stores but for now I have seen them in Boots. 

Have you been lusting after these since their release in the US? What colours do you like?


  1. Stunning colours, heading to boots tomorrow! Hahah :)

    1. They are amazing! Have fun shopping hehe! X

  2. Replies
    1. It is awesome! Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer I saw this morning on these! May definitely have to pick some more up! x