Friday, January 03, 2014

Rimmel | Apocalips + Swatches

Where have I been hiding with this Apocalips rage?! I have no clue how I have gone so long without itching to buy these but after the release of Rimmel's new colours, I really couldn't stop myself. 

Rimmel launched their Apocalips range a good few months ago (more like a year now) and came out with eight shades which included colours like Nude Eclipse, Lunar, Stellar, Big Bang, Galaxy etc which took the blogging world by storm! Everyone was raving about them and I decided I really didn't need any more lip products at that point especially when I thought that they were more of a gloss rather than a hybrid of the both. 

I have been wanting a really nice pink shade and have been doing alot of research into lipsticks, lip lacquers, you name it. I wanted to invest in a nice pinky/nude shade from MAC but when I saw these I thought I would give them a try. I had heard through the blog vine that Rimmel had released five more shades to the collection which include Aurora, Shooting Star, Eclipse, Out Of This World and Across The Universe. 

The two colours I picked up are Celestial and Eclipse as Superdrug were having a 3 for 2 sale. These were £6.49 each and they are beautiful! You can also purchase these at Boots (click here)

What I love is that when you first open them there is a gap between the lid and the tube that is completely clear (also a good way to tell that no-one has been playing around with the one you have just bought). These gaps not only show you the colour too, as does the rest of the tube but it also fills up as you release the doe foot applicator (another bonus). It should then look something like this once the see through gap has filled with product. 

VoilĂ ! I am not sure why I find this so interesting but I do find it a nice little unique touch. The packaging is pretty true to the colour you get too!  

The doe foot applicators have a well in the centre instead of just being flat which I find helps the application process as it allows you to fill in your lips with a few swipes as it collects the product in the centre. I also find that this provides a more even coverage to the lips as there is that little bit extra stored up, not to mention the applicator is not full of product making it easier and tidier to apply with less fuss. 

Now onto the colour! 

Celestial is a very feminine dusty pink rose colour. 

Eclipse is a beautiful berry toned red, I would say it has more of a blue undertone and I feel like it does make my teeth look really white as does Celestial which is a nice touch for such a pinky colour. 

Both of these colours and by the looks of it pretty much the WHOLE range are opaque on first application. 

This is one coat on my lips and I would definitely say it could be built upon. 
What I would usually do is apply the first layer, blot it and then apply my second layer so it fades evenly during the day. 

The lasting time is good for a lip lacquer and I do not find them too drying either which is a huge plus for me. Eating, drinking no problem! As they aren't completely matte and drying they do leave a transfer on glasses etc. 

The ONLY and I mean the smallest irritation for me is the scent. I can only describe it as a fruity cherry/watermelon mixed with lipstick smell-taste to them which isn't a huge put off but was a bit of a shock the first time I used them. This is easily overlooked with how wonderful the product is and if you like the fragranced lip side of things then you'll love these I just personally prefer sweeter scents and tastes to fruity, floral scents and tastes that some lip companies have. 

All in all I would give this product an 9/10 as I love everything from the packaging to the names to the ease of application etc. 
These impressed me completely and I will definitely be investing in more of the shades.  

Have you tried Apocalips? What are your favourite shades? 


  1. I have been meaning to try these for so long! Loved your Body Shop post also! I recently had a huge order from them with the 50% discount got loads of stuff :D x

    1. They really are amazing! I have been wearing Celestial everyday since I bought it. Thank you so much for reading :D x

  2. Love these!!