Thursday, January 09, 2014

Soap & Glory | Relaxstation Gift Set

I will never get bored of using Soap & Glory products. Every single item I have used has never disappointed me in the slightest so here I bring you the RELAXSTATION! 

This is something I picked up when I went a little bit (very) naughty at Boots. Safe to say I picked up 3 of these as there was a 3 for 2 deal, I probably could have used that special towards 3 different items but it was thrust upon me as I was paying and these were the only sets they had at the tills and along with the long lines I really didn't feel like sprinting to the other side of the store to choose plus it would have taken me a good 30 minutes to decide what I wanted. I did give the other two as Christmas presents but it was definitely a bargain!

It was only £20 and had five different products in it some of which are my personal favourites of Soap & Glory and two 'bonus' extras. I don't think you can pick these up online anymore but I did notice that a few Boots stores did have a few left as they were clearing out all of the Christmas gift sets so you may be able to find one roaming around there if you haven't already got your hands on it. 

This gift set will last me a good few months and for the price I couldn't complain. 

This set came with; 
  • 500 ml Clean On Me Shower Gel - this stuff smell absolutely heavenly and always makes me happy when using it! It is a great product for people like me who sometimes (more often than not) forget or cannot be fussed with moisturising after showering. 
  • 200 ml The Scrub Of Your Life - WOW! I have used this and I am addicted, I was on the market for a good scrub and I think I have found the one (for now hehe). 
  • 200 ml The Righteous Butter - I have never actually tried this body butter (Soap & Glory blasphemy). I am really excited to try this as it smells beautiful. 
  • 50 ml Heel Genius - another product I haven't tried but have heard a lot of good things about it. 
  • 50 ml Hand Food - this is my FAVOURITE hand cream it smells delicious (similar to Clean On Me) and works wonders during winter and I have just recently finished mine.
  • Soap & Glory Hair Turban. 
  • Soap & Glory Bath Lily. 

What more can be said about this lovely set? Soap & Glory always smells incredible and this set is definitely what 'cleans are made of'. 

What are some of your favourite Soap & Glory products? Did you get any of their products for Christmas?


  1. I'm so jealous, this set looks great. I really want to try soap and glory, the packaging looks great and I always hear such good things about the brand xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

    1. It is a brilliant brand :) You should definitely try it! xx