Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Most Luxurious Body Scrub I Own...

We all like a bit of pampering now and again don't we? I know I do and I love pampering at least twice a week therefore I am always looking for delicious finds to spruce up my evenings and here is were I introduce you to this glorious Dead Sea Body Scrub by Gadi 21 Minerals.

Brand Breakdown

Gadi 21 Minerals as the name would suggest is a brand that supply a range of body and skincare products that contain their unique dual formulation that allows them to blend 21 minerals taken from the Dead Sea. They claim that more than half of the Active Minerals they use can ONLY be found in their products. 

What I ordered

They have three different types of body scrubs - all of them contain the 21 Active Minerals but they come in three different scents. I picked up the Orange Vanilla Scrub but they also have a Tangerine Scrub and a Sandalwood and Lavender Scrub. I probably would have gone for the Sandalwood and Lavender but I am a sucker for Vanilla and I am recently loving the Citrus type scents for bath times so decided that this would be the safest and most enjoyable scent for me, it is also advertised to help calm anxiety and lift the spirits. 

The packaging is nothing that blows ones mind away but somehow still feels so luxurious and heavy with nutrient rich product! There is nothing wrong with the packaging and I like how it comes in a plastic tub and not a glass one just in case one was to drop it on the floor (which I may have done) at least the plastic keeps the product safe and does not smash like glass would (obviously haha). 

The tub is HUUUUUGE and filled to the brim with product - the only complaint I would have on opening this is that the plastic foil seal is a bit of a hassle to get off completely and therefore I have a few spots on my jar where there is still some foil. 
This tub holds 400 g which is an extremely decent size for a scrub and will definitely last me the next few months! 


Ingredients are extremely simple in this scrub but definitely work! I like that there aren't a ton of chemical nasties added and there are more 'purer' ingredients. In case the picture isn't clear the ingredients include Dead Sea Salt, Soy Bean Oil, Vitamin A, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Essential Oil and fragrance. 

All products in the Gadi 21 Mineral Range are Paraben and Propylene Glycol free and are suitable for all skin types. 

I've added an insert from the website so you can see what they say about the minerals from the Dead Sea. 

What does it do?

The scrub gently exfoliates, moisturisers and nourishes the skin without being too harsh. I love how gentle it is as I have sensitive skin and found it didn't irritate it at all. 

This scrub smells absolutely beautiful and my skin feels super soft when I get out of the bath or shower. It does contain oil and on first inspection I was a bit worried as there seemed to be a lot of oil but it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy and it didn't leave a greasy film around my bath tube like some scrubs do. 

This is an amazing scrub and I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a high end bath pampering product. 
The scrub retails for £50 (clickable link here) and I say it is definitely worth the money. I am not usually one who would ever dream of spending that much on a scrub when my Soap and Glory one does the job perfectly, but this... It's a whole other world! 
 I am sure with some hunting it could be found cheaper but I couldn't wait and decided I'd rather order it directly from the site

Would you consider splurging some pampering moola? Have you ever heard of this brand before? 


  1. Wow, sounds absolutely gorgeous! I would never be able to spend that much on a body scrub though... might put it on a birthday list or something, haha.

    x Michelle |

  2. I've actually never heard of this brand but that product sounds great :) x