Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Yankee Company | Ginger Kids Wax Burner

This is definitely not something I would usually post about but I love candles, I don't know who doesn't and I definitely love Yankee candles! 

This was just way too festive and cute not to post about. I stumbled upon the Yankee section of a garden centre while purchasing some candles for my other half's mother when I noticed all the festive burners and holders. This was priced at £39.99 and it took me awhile to justify spending that on a wax burner but it was just too beautiful to resist. Luckily when I got to the counter it was £29.99. 

If you aren't sure what a wax tart is they are just smaller moulds of their scented candles that need to be melted down. They are alot cheaper than the candles or samplers and are a great way of sampling scents that you would like to try. The wax tarts are usually around £1.25 and have a burn time of up to 8 hours (I find that depending what tart you use you can break them up and get more use out of one tart, especially if you like a less fragranced smell) but at the moment Yankee's are having a huge sale so some of them can be picked up for 70p. 

As I said they had a whole festive collection going on and even had the Sugar Plum Village wax burners, Circus Act Clown, Singing Snowman and many other choices (pictured below).

Out of all the collections the one I picked stood out to me the most as it embodied Christmas for me but not in an over the top kind of way. Can I just mention the fact that it lights up?! This was my first extreme candle accessory splurge and I love it. I don't think this is just for Christmas and I intend to have it burning all year round as I just find it a very happy and heart lifting touch to my windowsill and always brightens my mood when I walk in. 

I do have the normal burners that are just more of a ceramic pot but I really couldn't resist.  

This is what it looks like lit up. It takes batteries so there is no need for troublesome cables all over the place. What I like about this one is not only can you put a tea light in the holder (under the red bowl) but you can also put a sampler in there if you didn't fancy burning a tart or you can just light a scented tea light, to me it is basically the cutest 3 in 1 candle accessory. 

Is this a photo overload for one accessory? I do not think so. Here is a close up of all the detail. 

I also purchased two boxes of their Merry Marshmallow tea lights, Soft Blanket Wax Tart, Snowflake Cookie and a Vanilla Lime sampler. 

I adore Yankee and their product range so much. I must have about 25 wax tarts in my collection and I cannot wait to start burning them. 

If you love this product and need it in your collection it can be found here (click here) although the one I bought is temporarily sold out. 

What are some of your favourite candle scents? Any favourite Yankee scents?