Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Calling All Chocolate Lovers...

There is nothing better than sitting down in front of your favourite show/book with a nice comforting cup of hot chocolate. 
Too many times I have been disappointed with hot chocolate due to flavour, ingredients, after taste etc but not this time! 

To all chocolate lovers, this ones for you...

I was lucky enough to receive these three hot chocolate samples to review and share with all of you and luckily I have wanted to incorporate some lifestyle posts for awhile, what better way to start than with some chocolatey goodness?!

You may be thinking to yourself 'hot chocolate?', why would someone write a whole post on that but without going into too much detail on lifestyle (which I would love to do at some point) I have a really hard time finding hot chocolate or chocolate ingredients in general that don't make me feel sick for hours after consuming. I have a sensitive system when trying new things and hot chocolate is always my weakness. I find supermarket hot chocolates are so full of crappy ingredients and things that don't even need to be put in there which make my body feel like I am putting crappy stuff into it which I do not like. 

I have been on a search for a while now for some really good, responsibly sourced and organic hot chocolate but is it just me or does the UK lack these kinds of things? Don't get me wrong there are a few brands that make organic hot chocolate like Green & Blacks but I find them so rich I get the sick feeling. Most people would just stop drinking hot chocolate right? But I like that little cup of indulgence every now and then and I would like anything in the world to be able to feel good after that little cup (or bowl, however you prefer it haha). 

This is where I present a wonderful company called Jaz & Jul's. Two women who decided to start their own hot chocolate company that didn't want to have all the horrible additives in their cups but also didn't want to sacrifice any of the gorgeous flavour! Made it they did! 

I can't decided what's better, the fact it has none of that horrible stuff in or the fact they have some spectacular and mouth watering flavours to choose from. 

Where does the chocolate come from? 

The chocolate used to create this awesome hot chocolate hails from Grenada where the Grenada Chocolate Company have a few small collective farms located on the Caribbean Island. 

1) What I love about these is the way you can see the chocolate shavings and how you can smell the freshness and the wonderful aroma of actual cacao. To me when you can see the ingredients is when you can trust what is actually going into the product.

2) All the chocolate used is fully traceable to the source. It is organic and is therefore grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, hormones or GMOs which is great for all organic lovers out there. 


The three samples I got were; 
  • Perfectly Simple - dark chocolate blended with a small amount of nutmeg. 
  • Raspberry Dream - dark chocolate blended with raspberries and a drop of pure lavender oil for a flowery fruity twist. 
  • Chilli Con Choccy - dark hot chocolate blended with chilli. 

Again - the consistency of each three was completely different depending on the flavour and I loved being able to see the different pieces in each. 

Every single one of these smelt INCREDIBLE! I have never smelt a chocolate powder so pure and strong. 

Onto flavours
  • Perfectly Simple was one of my favourites as the dark chocolate was really warming but the subtle notes of nutmeg and vanilla were really warming and a really nice touch. 
  • Raspberry Dream - this was beautiful, right up my alley. The lavender oil has a really nice calming effect and this is definitely something that I would be drinking before bed to send me off to sweet chocolate dreams. I actually took their suggestion off their website and sprinkled some of this on top of some strawberries and yoghurt and safe to say it was gorgeous. 
  • Chilli Con Choccy - this is definitely one for chilli chocolate lovers of the universe. The chocolate taste at the beginning with the heat at the end is phenomenal and something very different to what I have experienced before. The added clove, cinnamon and nutmeg compliments the chilli and I think this would be extremely enjoyable if you were a fan of the spice. 


If you are a hot chocolate lover this is something I would highly recommend. I don't think I could go back to 'normal' hot chocolate after this. 
I love the fact that this can be used as hot chocolate but also added on top of desserts to give it a little flavour and also in baking to add that something special. 

Jaz & Jul's have many flavours that would match many different tastes. 
Currently I am eyeing up the Mintchievous, Cinnamon Rose, Caralimelicious and Gingerbread, man! 

Sizes include; 
  • Taster samples 60 g - £3.00
  • Large 220 g - £8.00
  • Huge 1 kg - £32.00

The prices are shown in the quality of the product as sometimes you really do get what you pay for. These hot chocolates are gorgeous and the unique flavours really leave something to daydream about. 

I took a picture of the cute little card that came with the samples as I just think it is a really nice touch. All of Jaz & Jul's social media links are there too if you would like to pop on over and check it out! 

I would recommend giving Jaz & Jul's a try if you would like to taste the difference between 'proper' hot chocolate and store bought hot chocolate. 

All flavours can be looked at individually and bought from www.jazandjuls.co.uk 

Are you a hot chocolate lover? What kind of flavours make your mouth water?