Friday, February 07, 2014

Dior Dreamin'

Yes yes yes I made the leap into purchasing my first Dior product! *hands in the air* 

I say I made the leap but technically my beautiful mummy did! My mum and I were having a little bit of a browse in Debenhams and I was showing her the Dior Addict Lip Glow that I had wanted for months and was telling her about a few of the products at the stand. I had been contemplating about getting the Lip Glow for awhile but hadn't quite managed to muster up the strength to swipe my card. 

A few days later she led me into Debenhams and told me she would be treating me to the Lip Glow, safe to say I may have squealed a bit when she said that but I was extremely happy! 
My mum picked up the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer as it looked absolutely gorgeous and really had the lip plumping action going on. 

With the purchase we got a few samples most of which I passed to my mum as they were more anti-ageing - the only sample I kept for myself was the Dior Capture Totale Creme Multi-Perfection Creme and the Dior Hypnotic Poison Parfum as it smelt absolutely divine!

The Parfum sample is definitely something that I would repurchase in full. It is spicy yet very demure and extremely feminine. I love the fact that Dior has described it as Oriental as I really think it is. I especially love the Vanilla in it and after a few hours wear it still smells incredible. 

Dior Addict Lip Glow Review will be up soon! Stay tuned... 

Do you own any Dior products? Do you have your eyes on anything? 


  1. I sure wish we could get that Hyp Poison EDP in the states. Europe won't ship it here. :(

  2. We shall raid Dior again soon - Perhaps some lipstick for under the Maximiser ? Or two or three 😚 xxx

    1. I absolutely agree :D Their lipsticks look absolutely beautiful! xxx