Monday, February 24, 2014

February Glossybox | Be Mine Edition

Here I am again with yet another beauty box for the week. I am surprised that they all came so close together but here is my February Glossybox! 

This will obviously be my last beauty box for this month until March! (Where has the time even gone? I cannot believe it is almost March)

I was pleasantly surprised with this months Glossybox but sadly this will be my last one as I have unsubscribed. I have been subscribed to Glossybox for almost two years and unfortunately the last few boxes have been rather disappointing with items and samples I haven't actually used as they aren't catered to me or my skin, skin tone or hair type so I felt it was about time to move on and subscribe to a box that had a brilliant reputation as well as amazing products. It is such a shame because Glossybox was my first beauty box subscription and I used to adore it, I feel at the moment there is just too much competition with subscription boxes and some are able to get better samples and products for their subscribers. 

This months box however was really good and there are definitely some products I will be using. 

In this months box I received; 
  • Nougat London Sparkling Body Shimmer 
  • Miners Cocktail Kiss in Manhattan (Full Size)
  • Ciate Paint Pot (Full Size) 
  • Maybelline Master Kajal Khol Liner (Full Size) 
  • Toni & Guy Stick It Up Gum (Full Size) 
  • Lindt Milk Chocolate Bar (Extra Treat)

I absolutely loved the packaging of the box and the only two items I will not be using are the Ciate Paint Pot (only because of the colour as I find it way too bright for my fair skin) even though I adore Ciate's Paint Pots, it will not be wasted though as I will pass it on to someone I know who loves bright red colours. The second product I wont use is the Miners Cocktail kiss as it is extremely sticky and not something I find comfortable to wear as well as the artificial taste that comes with it. 

The products I am most in love with from this box are the Maybelline Master Kajal Liner as I find it very pigmented and long wearing, it is so easy to manipulate and apply with no smudging which is great! I am very glad that we received this in our box. 
The Toni & Guy Stick It Up Gum is absolutely amazing for fly-aways and holding the ends of curls when I do my hair not to mention it smells absolutely amazing! The other half absolutely loves this product too for creating his everyday look as it is incredibly long lasting and does not make your hair greasy or sticky. 

Obviously the little chocolate treat was appreciated and I am lucky I managed to get it into the picture before I devoured it. Who could say no to a little bit of chocolate. 

I know a lot of people are still happy with Glossybox but as promised I will always be honest with my reviews and therefore thought I would share exactly why I am unsubscribing. 

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? Did you like the look of any of these products? 


  1. Ooh that eyeliner looks lovely... I love the packaging of the box, that'd make some gorgeous storage xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. The eyeliner is raelly good! I am really enjoying it :D I keep all the nicely designed boxes! :) xx

  2. Eyeliner looks very good, you said it doesn't smudge which is great - is the khol stick soft or hard? Mainly want to know if it would be suited to older skins - yes if it doesn't take a lot of pressure to get a nice application ? Any feedback? Thanks :) xxx

    1. It is quite good! The Khol stick is hard but when applied has a soft texture so doesn't have any scratchyness torward the eye area.
      I think this may be a good product to try but as it is still a long the pencil route of eyeliners I would say a felt tip liquid liner, liquid liner or a gel eyeliner would be easier for older skins especially as they glide over cracks, fine lines etc. I have a scar on the outer edge of my left eye and I find this Khol can settle into it but I don't have this problem with more 'runnier' eyeliners :) Also the after mentioned liners will probably last longer throughout the day therefore you won't need to touch them up, especially hand if you have sensitive or maybe watery eyes? I hope this helps :) Xxx