Saturday, February 01, 2014

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquers in Funk and Reckless + Swatches

Here I am again with yet another lip product! I am finding this addiction quite strange as 2 years ago I wouldn't go near lipsticks/lipglosses or lip colours, I was strictly a lipgloss girl! Oh how times have changes... 

MUA released these new Luxe Velvet Lip Laquers and for the price they were I really thought I ought to give them a go, here is what I thought... 

Now these are somewhat controversial as I have seen many bloggers and YouTubers talking about how much they liked these products and how they were good value for money. I think not, I am sorry MUA - I love your palettes and your lipsticks but I think these may have been out of your league and I am so disappointed because the colours and the opacity are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It's taken me some time to write this because I wanted to love them so much, carry on reading to find out what they didn't blow my mind. 

Let's just take a second to appreciate how beautiful these look. I love love the packaging! They look really sleek and sophisticated and definitely something I would be proud to flaunt around, they don't look cheap and I adore the frosted finish to the tube. 

I decided to pick up the colours Funk and Reckless as they were the ones that stood out to me the most! I had to make an online order as I couldn't find them anywhere in my town but I wish I had tried them first because I would have saved the money. 
Funk is a really nice bright flirty pink and Reckless looked like a beautiful dark vampy red, I prefer reds that are darker and more crimson than bright reds that have more of an orange/yellow town and this looked like exactly that! 

All is good so far right? You are probably thinking 'these don't look that bad' 

I swatched the colours on my arm first and fell in love, I got so excited as I thought I had found the shades I had been looking for. On the arm they felt creamy but I could tell they were drying pretty fast, no problem you say? Wait for it..

This is the shade Funk, just look how absolutely stunning the colour is! This is where my heart felt deeply disappointed as it was an absolutely bee with an itch to apply! The colour was so patch and stuck to every line and dry patch on my mouth, once I had finally applied it to what I thought was an acceptable standard I waited for it to dry. Terrible! I felt like I was in one of those horror movies where they superglue someone's lips together and you can see it pulling apart (graphic I know), it was so sticky, dry ad uncomfortable, I just could believe that something so creamy on my arm could feel so different on my lips, I thought maybe it was just that colour. 

I then decided I would take Funk off and try with Reckless, this colour was even worse to apply but so so beautiful! Don't get me wrong, I love matte lipsticks but this was completely different and felt like I had just given my lips some TLC with sandpaper. It took forever to get it to look wearable all the while it was drying and becoming uneven. 

Not only did it take forever to apply but I noticed just how tacky it was even after it had 'dried' and then the WORST thing happened! 

Graphic picture alert (inside my mouth you go).
URGH! All over my teeth! This definitely wasn't a case of a quick tongue swipe across the teeth to make sure there was no lipstick there, this was like setting Tar on a road! I had to take a towel and scrub it off because it had adhered to my teeth so badly, now could you imagine how dry it was on the lips? 

Can you see the flaking that has occurred towards the inside of the mouth, this just got worse and worse until I had flakes coming off into the inside of my mouth where I could feel it and physically take it out with my fingers. YUCK! It was definitely not an attractive look and thank god I stayed at home while trying these out because I would have been so embarrassed if this had happened while I was out face to face with people! 

I thought to myself "Natasha there is no way everyone can be saying how good these are for them to be like this" so I decided to experiment. Scrubbing my lips beforehand (even thought I didn't have dry lips) FAIL. Applying a thin layer of lip balm before applying the colour, FAIL. Applying a lip balm on top after it had dried, FAIL (it flaked even more). I even tried it with a lipgloss but this made the situation so much worse. 

Don't even get me started on how unbelievably hard they are to get off after they have set which if I had liked the product and it wasn't crumbling everywhere I wouldn't have minded but when I am trying to take it off and practically ripping my lips apart with scrubbing I think it gets a bit ridiculous, it left a really silly looking uneven stain after I managed to oil it off and it looked like I had tried to apply lip liner but had failed disastrously.  

As I said I did try and was so heartbroken because the colours were gorgeous and so opaque! Thankfully the two were only £6 together and so wasn't too much of a loss, but a loss none the less when you won't be wearing them!

SIGH - all in a days work right? I was really holding out high hopes for these but they completely failed with my lips. If you like the colours and would like to try them yourself I would definitely recommend trying them in store and making sure it isn't the same reaction. 

These can be purchased in Superdrug or any drugstore that has an MUA unit, they can also be purchased online at

Have you tried these? What was your experience like?


  1. So glad I read this! I've been contemplating one of these since reading good reviews but I couldn't help but think that for the price and for a matte product it sounded too good to be true! I love my Lime Crime Velvetines but the shade range is still pretty limited. I think the same is probably true of their matte lipsticks, too cheap to be any good

    1. There are many good reviews and that's why I bought them but they definitely didn't work for me! I gave them to my friend to try as she loved the colours too but it did the exact same to her too so I assume it's the product? I'd definitely stick with Lime Crime! I think those are next to try on my list :) thanks for reading x