Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Super Facialist by Una Brennan | Tea Flower Pore Purifying Clay Mask

Who doesn't like a good face mask? By good I mean REALLY good...

Super Facialist Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Purifying Clay Mask - £8.99 (link)

This is one of those masks that has flown around the blog-o-sphere and had me interested from the very first review I read. I am a huge lover of face masks and I love trying out different ones and seeing what kind of results they hold for my skin. I have yet to come across a bad review for this face mask which is what I like to see when researching new products to try out. 

I had put this on my list of things to buy but just kept getting distracted by other products and was a bit worried about the 'deep clean' aspect of the mask (due to sensitive skin) and therefore decided that I would pick one up to try out when I ran out of my current Origins Clear Improvement Mask
LUCKILY my beautiful friend was shopping one evening and asking for some recommendations and as she has similar skin to me I had told her to read some of the reviews for this particular product and lo and behold she bought it. Vikki (the friend) came over for one of our usual girly pamper nights and bought this beauty with her and said that I could give it a try to make sure it didn't irritate my skin which it didn't. 

The benefits of this mask are listed as; 
  • Purifies and restores glow to complexion. 
  • Absorbs excess oil to unclog pores. 
  • Salicylic Acid to clear skin. 

Usually when I find a mask I find a few of the claims are true but I find all of the claims to be true with this one which is an absolute bonus. 

I was very surprised when first applying this as I thought it was going to be a lot thicker like the Origins mask but it wasn't that thick and was very easy to spread meaning a lot less wasted product as you can see what is going where and because it spreads easily I find it covers more area that other masks tried. 
The mask does have a slight tingle to it and where I had a few irritation patches it did burn a little bit but after the first minute or so the sensation is completely gone and you can finally feel the mask start to dry which leads me on to the next point, this mask dries very fast. None of this having to faff around for 30 minutes until completely dry as it was dry within 5 for us both. 

One thing I really loved is the cool refreshing feeling of the mask whilst drying, I find a lot of clay based masks kind of have a warm tingly feel to them and the colder feel  of this mask was really nice. 

As soon as I took the mask off I saw the results and I was extremely impressed and satisfied with it. It really helped decrease the size of my pores and definitely cleaned out all of the impurities within them leaving my skin looking very fresh and very clean. I definitely noticed that my skin looks a lot more illuminated and brighter than before I had put the mask on and my skin no longer felt dull which I found really energising. 
I know it doesn't claim to be 'hydrating' but I had quite a few nasty dry patches which had really reduced after the application of this mask. If you are looking for a mask specifically for hydration then the Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask may be a good one to try. 

I didn't feel as if my skin had been stripped and I did not have that horrible tight feeling I sometimes get with other masks, in fact after taking this off and patting my face dry I really didn't feel like my skin needed a moisturiser. 

All in all I think that this is an absolutely fantastic mask for the price and is definitely a competitor for higher brand face masks! 

Have you tried any of the Super Facialist range? What kind of skin troubles do you deal with? 


  1. Great blog
    Found you from twitter
    I want to try this mask need to finish my huge stash of new masks lol

    1. Thank you so much :)
      I need to cull down on my huge stash of masks too but I just cant stop buying them haha