Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tanya Burr Nail Polish

It is definitely that time of the year where I start browsing around for the perfect Spring colours to paint my nails! Does anybody else do this? Even though I have more than enough nail polishes to last several lifetimes somehow my fingers still need more...

Another product that is circulating around the blogosphere a lot. 

May I introduce to you, Tanya Burr's first product launch? They don't need an introduction really as I am sure many people would have seen either the nail polishes or the lip glosses plastered all over the place. I picked these up the day they launched on Feel Unique and as with many other people had to wait a sizeable amount of time for them to arrive (approx 16 days), the only problem with waiting that long for a product is wondering whether or not the wait is worth it, luckily in this case they definitely are. 

The packaging is really cute and I love the square top a long with the nice glass bottle. I think it makes the products look very sophisticated and more expensive than their retail prices. 

When ordering the colours it was a toss up between a few, I really liked the look of Penguin Chic but had just bought Essie's Chinchilly so I decided that these two colours would be an absolutely amazing to go with my Spring colours. I decided on Mini Marshmallows as I had previously seen Tanya herself sporting the colour and thought it looked absolutely beautiful. It is a beautiful light bubblegum pink but is definitely not an 'in your face' colour, I would say that the first coat of this was a tad sheer but with two coats it was definitely opaque enough to my standards and a really nice colour overall! 

The next colour I chose which is my favourite is called Little Duck and it is the most beautiful yet understated bluey-minty green leaning a bit more on the darker side. I thought seeing as Mini Marshmallows was on the sheer side that this would be too but even after the first coat I noticed how great the colour pigmentation was and after the second I was more than impressed. 

Both of these colours are gorgeous and I have seen so many great reviews on the formula and colour's themselves. There are ten colours in the collection and they retail for £5.99 and there are also twelve lip glosses that retail for £6.99.

Even after the long wait I definitely think that these are very much worth the bargain price and I would urge any nail polish lover to try out a few of the colours for themselves! 

Have you had your eyes on any colours? What do you think of the products?