Friday, March 14, 2014

Introducing ScrummyBox...

I have a rather exciting introduction to make to you guys! Especially those of you who love your snack/treat boxes. I have been so excited to share this with you all and couldn't wait for my box of goodies to get here so I could show you! 

Introducing ScrummyBox!

I was lucky enough to receive one of the first ever ScrummyBoxe's produced and as you can tell I am terribly excited! If you have already been on my YouTube you would have seen that I have already done a detailed video on the company and my box of goodies (I'll add the video at the end of this post). 

The ScrummyBox costs £10 (plus p&p)* a month just like a lot of the popular beauty boxes and for what I received I truly believe that ScrummyBox is going to be BIIIIG (watch their space). 

Let's take a look at what yummies I got in the March box! 

Are you salivating yet? No, okay let me tempt you some more...

March's edition included TEN items which I think is amazing as many boxes only include 4 -6, the items themselves range from cereals, snacks, drinks, treats and tea! 

Chantico Organic Cinnamon Agave Sweetener £2.79 contains many health benefits but is also a great alternative to sugar and believe me this beauty is great in tea and hot chocolate as well as on top of oats, granola, fruit - you name it! I love Agave and I am very happy to welcome this tasty beauty to my eating routine. Speaking of tea and drinks the next item was Fruit Broo Rhubarb, Apple & Cinnamon £2.75 which is 100% natural and contains no caffeine, gluten, dairy and this one doesn't include honey. It is a juicy fruit drink that you mix with hot water to create a really lovely comforting warm drink. I would really be interested to try their Elderflower and Lime flavour too! 

Florida's Natural Fruit Snack Nuggets (sample size) are entirely pear based and made with fruit juices and fruit puree making it a great snack for on the go or a great additive to cereal such as muesli, bran or granola! 
I am not the biggest fan of muesli but the Alara Organic Rich Muesli £0.29 may have converted me, it has a really nice flavour and tastes great with Almond milk and some agave to sweeten! 
Coming on to on of my favourite things to eat for breakfast, GRANOLA! This perfectly measured portion of Lizi's Pink Apple and Cinnamon Granola £0.49 was an immediate hit with me, I love granola and I love Lizi's anyway but this was a flavour I had not seen around my town before so I was very interested to try a new flavour! 

Definitely some of my favourites of the box as I am a huge snacker, there is no point denying it because I am, I graze constantly and if I am not snacking I always feel like my stomach has a hole in it. I was most excited to try the Eat Real Chilli & Fresh Lime Quinoa Chips £0.65 as Quinoa is a great way for vegetarians, vegans etc to get complete proteins and what better to get a portion in chip form! I thought these may be spicy but the lime is really fresh when eating these and there is only the tiniest bit of spice which makes a great flavour, the chips themselves taste amazing and I am definitely already addicted to them and on the hunt to buy more as Eat Real have some yummy sounding flavours! Sometimes I don't always feel like chips or something savoury and would prefer something a bit sweeter and this is where my snacking can sometimes get dangerous so I always have some kind of fruit bar or dried fruit in my handbag to curb these nasty sugar cravings so I love the fact I have some Nakd Berry Delight Bits gracing my box £2.59, this went straight in my handbag and were delicious! If you aren't into the fruit bits then the Braw Blackcurrant and Oat Bar £0.89 may be a great snack for you! Similar to the Nakd fruit bars these are made with 100% natural ingredient and are bursting with fruit and wholegrain oats as well as counting towards your 1 of your 5 a day! 

My last two items are more of the sweet treats and the kind of things I would have when I am craving some chocolate or soda. Yogi Tea Sweet Mint Snack Tea (6 teabags) £0.99 are a really nice and simple way to get the sugary sweet taste of something without all the unnecessary calories, great for cleansing the palate and giving a nice variety to tea with all the organic and wonderful flavours. FYI Yogi Tea have SOOO many flavours of different types it is unbelievable, I really couldn't believe one brand could have so many and they range from health teas to woman teas and relaxation teas. If I don't fancy having a hot drink I will pre-prepare some ice tea and just leave it to cool in the fridge as a nice refreshing juice drink. Now for when those chocolate cravings strike (in my world that is everyday) there are these lovely and unique Montezuma's Chilli Mini Bar £0.99 which is organic and tastes out of this world! There are so many flavours to choose from when it comes to these chocolates and I think with the richness of the organic chocolate these are a perfect portion size as opposed to a huge snickers or kit kat! 

I know this was a long post but what it boils down to is the fact that this box is incredible! The value, quality and products that came this month have really impressed me and the whole box is healthy, none of my products contained any sugars or refined artificial sugars at all and I am enjoying eating my way through it! These boxes are vegan friendly too and if you are interested then April's box is already up for sale

The ScrummyBox receives a huge thumbs up from me and a sterling recommendation too! I would very much like to thank Anna for giving me the opportunity to delve into some yummy products that I can't find in my town, healthy eating really doesn't have to be hard and boxes like this make it a whole lot easier. 

Here is the video if you would prefer to watch! 

Are you subscribed to any foodie boxes? What do you think of ScrummyBox


  1. Wow it looks like a really great, innovative box! Great review Tasha... xxx

    1. It is definitely going to be big :) Thank you so much xxx

  2. First of all, you are adorable in all your videos :) I love your blog and youtube so much :D <3!!!
    I have officially just bought my first scrummy box because your box just looked so good :O!!!

    1. Thank you hehe! Thank you so much for reading and following! I am so excited to hear you have bought your first scrummy box after my review! I am sure April's is going to be amazing! xxx