Friday, April 25, 2014

Back to Basics: Clinique Skincare 3 Steps

I have pretty troublesome skin at the best of times and when I say troublesome I don't mean ridiculously bad, it was just very hard to manage and make-up never really sat properly on it, my skin lacks radiance, it looked unhealthy and it always felt so dry and dehydrated. 

I wasn't in the market for a new skincare routine although I probably should have been but I thought my skin was destined to be that way and wouldn't be fixed etc. By chance I was at the Clinique counter in Milton Keynes and had a spare 5 minutes for a consultation with the lovely lady there. She asked me questions about my concerns, what my skin is like and was then recommended a certain'skin type' which was number 1 which is for dry to very dry skin.

It is a 3 step routine and she gave me the option of either buying the trial sizes or the full sizes. Even though she said that the full sizes could always be bought back if they didn't work after a month for a full refund the total was going to be around £40-£50 for it all so,  I decided on the introduction kit which was only £20 for the box which had everything I needed and she said that these could also be returned if they didn't work for me. I now know how important good skincare is and how much of a difference it can make to your skin, especially if you get the right products for it. 

On the back of the box (pictured above) it talks about pimples when first starting but for the first time I honestly didn't notice any spots of blemishes coming up which surprised me as I was quite scared it was going to have fit with the change and be really temperamental but nothing. I can attest to the claims at the back as I noticed a difference the first evening. At first I thought that this was like a placebo effect but it wasn't, the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + is what I noticed the difference with, as soon as I applied it after following the other two steps I was amazing at how radiant and lovely my skin looked. It really did look like my skin had a huge drink of water and a good Vitamin C intake! 

I love the fact they have taken care to ensure that even the inside is packaged nicely (package hoarding tendencies). I was so excited to get started and have a recommended skin routine to follow that I started that evening. I started using this on the 22nd February so it has been a good two months that I have been using it every day, twice a day which to some people (me included) seemed so time consuming but it really only takes two minutes if that and the benefits are so worth it. I was never the person that was up prepping my skin in the morning or looking after it that well and that is probably one of the biggest reasons my skin was struggling (I am sure we are all guilty of this) It just needed some TLSC (Tender Loving Skin Care - see what I did there? lol). 

In case the second picture isn't clear enough I will list the sizes of the introduction kit below so you know how much is in each. 

Extra-Mild Liquid Facial Soap (50 ml) - this is definitely extra mild and although my skin could probably deal with just the mild one, I am happy with this. It is very light weight and easy to use, it doesn't have much of a smell and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy or sticky after using it. My only problem (not so much of a big problem and easily fixed) is this doesn't do a great job in taking the make-up off, it takes most of the base away but doesn't do anything for the eye make-up. I go in with a cleanser or a make-up remover before using this just to get it off. 

Clarifying Lotion (100 ml) - this one is the most 'fragranced' one of the bunch. It has a slight alcohol smell to it but nothing too overbearing and that is about it on the fragrance front. It is really cooling on the skin and takes off every last trace of make-up, it says not to use it around the eyes and that is why I use something before I start the three step routine in order to get my eye make-up and face make-up off before the soap. 

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + (30 ml) - MY FAVOURITE out of the three. This only really works when you use the two steps before it otherwise it just sits on top of the skin and doesn't sink in or do much really but when used in combination with the routine it is simply amazing! Dramatically Difference is a definite yes on my list. It is really light weight, easy to apply and as said when used in combination with the other two steps, sinks in so easily and effortlessly without leaving any stickyness or grease behind. I do go in with a thicker moisturiser afterwards at night but it is also a Clinique one that was recommended to me at the same time (to be reviewed soon). 

I did notice in the beginning that when I first started to use this it made my skin slightly more sensitive to touch and impact but I asked customer services and they said this was absolutely normal as it was just signs of my skin rebalancing itself and shedding the unwanted layers of dry yucky skin. After a week or two my skin felt back to normal in the sensitivity area but 80% more amazing in every other aspect. I say 80% because I still have small concerns like left over scars, dark circles and the unevenness in my skin tone but the product doesn't claim to help with any of that and I can now start using things to combat it in addition to using this. 

This is honestly the first time I can say (hand on my heart) that when I take my make-up off, I am not afraid or sad with how my skin looks underneath. I would NEVER dream of walking out the house without make-up on before this because my skin looked horrible and neglected and now I have gone out the house on several occasions without wearing any make-up because my skin looks healthy and looked after. Yes I still get blemishes now and then but who doesn't? I can say that I don't get anywhere near as many as I used to, not to mention the pores on my nose (which were quite large) are hardly even noticeable now and they don't get any pore build up anymore (TMI but this is the nitty gritty). My skin is so much more radiant, plump and smooth and I can happily say I have not had a dry patch within the last two months which is pretty rare as a used to get new dry patches every week or so and no kind of moisture would help.

I am so happy with the results and the introduction kit lasted me two months, I have only just had the need to repurchase it again last week but I did buy another introduction kit as they are travel friendly too! I will invest in the big sizes at some point but for now I am happy with the small fee for great skin! I am just so over the moon and would definitely recommend getting a consultation and seeing if their products work for you! 

Sorry that this was such a long post but it is very difficult to write something informative and detailed without going into full explanation. 

What do you use for your skincare routine? Do you use anything from Clinique?