Saturday, April 05, 2014

MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection

What better limited edition collection to share with you guys than one that is based purely on flowers! Did someone say Spring?

If you are a Lustre finish fan then you will absolutely adore these! All six of the shades that were released are Lustre finishes which apart from Cremesheen are definitely my favourites! Out of the six shades that were released I picked up two as they hadn't been released in store yet and therefore I went for the safer options that I knew I would love. 

I picked out Snapdragon and Heavenly Hybrid and I don't regret either one bit, I was expecting Snapdragon to have less of a shimmery look to it but it really doesn't translate on the lips to the extent that can be seen on the lipstick. 

Both of these colours are absolutely beautiful and now that most of the shades are sold out I really regret not going for some more shades as the more swatches I see the more my heart wants! I am particularly liking the look of Dreaming Dahlia, Rose Lily and Naked Bud. 

Snapdragon is described as a midtone blue pink but I think the colour is so much more than that. It has a beautiful balance of a baby pink and bluey muted lilac mixed in with yes, a hint of shimmer but not the glitter ball lip shimmer everybody hates (or loves). I don't usually like shimmery lipsticks but this really is lovely and a really easy colour to wear everyday during the Spring and I am sure the Summer. 

Heavenly Hybrid is described as a midtone berry but again it really is more than that and extremely gorgeous! It adds such a a nice pop of colour and really makes any look more put together. 

With all of the finishes being Lustres they are really easy to pull off as they have a more sheered out application with a really nice buildable colour. I like having those two options as sometimes I feel like having a little nit of colour and other days I feel like going all out. 

I find that both of these colours don't settle into any cracks, I don't have the need to moisturise or exfoliate my lips before which is great when you want to pop a lipstick in your handbag or make up kit while you are out and about. 
The colour lasts 3-4 hours if I am not grazing like a giraffe and is easy to re-apply without the need of lip liner or a mirror. 

I absolutely love both of these and would highly recommend if you are a fan of MAC, Spring Colours, Lustre Finishes or just lipstick in general (yes, you) YOU NEED THIS! If you can find somewhere that isn't sold out! 

These lipsticks retail for £15 and can be found online or on most MAC counters (before they change collection displays)

I am really happy that I picked these two out of the collection as I wasn't going to bother as a lot of people were saying they were disappointed. The rest of the collection looks amazing too, if only I had endless money! 

Did you snag anything from this collection? Did either of these catch your eye?


  1. They look super pretty!!

  2. LOVE the second one!! Amazing review.

    Chloe //

    1. Is it a colour you would wear? :) Thank you so much xx

  3. Oh my gosh they're both beautiful. Gorgeous photos too! Tasha your skintone is IDENTICAL to mine haha :D pale pals haha xxxx

    1. They really are gorgeous! I am so inlove with them both! :) YAY PALE PALS!!! xxxx

  4. These shades are so beautiful on you! These are going right onto my MAC wishlist - which is getting scarily long... LOVE your blog! Great work (:

    1. Definitely get them if you can :) They are so lovely and worth it! My MAC list is scarily long too hehe!
      Thank you so much for the support, comments and reading! x