Monday, April 28, 2014

SenSpa Natural Body Therapy

If there is one thing I have a huge stash of (besides make-up, skincare and actually everything) it is bath stuff! I  don't think you can have too many bath things and bath times are amongst some of the most parts of my week. 

I don't feel right if I do not have my famous Sunday bath as well as the other three a week. I use two bath sessions a week as my pamper evenings so this is always on a Sunday so that I feel ready to take on the week and also on a Thursday as a mid week pamper to get me through (obviously I shower on the days I am not bathing *this should go without saying lol*). 

These were purchased at my local Waitrose and it was a very spur of the moment thing as I wanted some bath salts and they have a 3 for 2 deal on the SenSpa Detox range. 

I do seem to steer more towards detoxing products as I know my body holds alot of toxins and muscle ache and I find detoxing spa treatments and bath products are the best for me and make me feel the most relaxed. 

The Detox range contains organic Seaweed and are scented with the SenSpa signature fragrance which uses nine essential oils to represent the exotic east. The scent has citrus top notes, herbal middle notes and woody, floral base notes which are really refreshing and uplifting. 

I bought the Detox Bath Salts - £5.95 , Detox Body Scrub - £6.95 and the Detox Body Wash - £5.95 (which one the Natural Health Magazine 2014 Beauty Awards). 

Here are the ingredients and directions

For the price you get a good amount in the bag and it is definitely a great valued product. It helps with tired, aching muscles and make me feel really relaxed. You can put the whole bag in as it is all natural but I follow the instructions and add three handfuls (supposed to be two but I have a double bath so use a little bit more) and dip myself in it. Afterwards I feel a lot calmer and relaxed and my muscles definitely enjoy it too. This in combination with my Bodhi Rosemary Chi Himalayan Salt Scrub is incredible and makes for a really great pamper. 

If you have any questions on the ingredients and can't see them properly just let me know! 

The Detox Body Wash is very smooth and luxurious to use, it isn't too foamy but gives the right amount of lather too. It smells great and leaves the skin feeling smooth, fresh and more hydrated. 

The Detox Body Scrub is not too harsh on the skin and does a brilliant job of polishing away all the dead and rough skin cells in order to leave your body smooth and awakened. I love using this in my morning showers too! 

I usually use these as a threesome but sometimes I like to incorporate my other bath bits in with them as well. I truly think these are great value for the amount of product you get out of them and I am sure they are going to last me a long time. 

Have you ever used any SenSpa products? What are your favourite bath time buddies?