Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

Everyone needs a great moisturiser and I find not only is Soap & Glory on the more affordable scale, it also smells extremely good! I know the brand itself is hit and miss with some people but there are a few products Soap & Glory have that I absolutely covet. 

This tub may look a little different than the one sold in stores on the shelves but it is only because I got it in my Relaxstation Gift Set during Christmas. This body butter was one I had heard so much about and read so many reviews on and had put it at the top of my 'To Buy' list but for some reason I just pushed it to the back of my mind and went for other products instead. The first time I smelt it, I was hooked and seeing as it was only a few weeks away from Christmas I thought I should wait until they had all of their Christmas deals and gift sets. 

The description given by Soap & Glory is "An award winning body butter with softening shea butter and aloe vera. Smooth on a handful after your shower and you might swear you're wearing velvet. Scented with our Original Pink™ fragrance."

I absolutely love their Original Pink fragrance and this body butter smells exactly like my Clean On Me Shower Gel that I love so much which is really nice when I get out the shower and I can match the scent with a body butter too, extra fresh smelling for me! (+25 girl points). The Original Pink fragrance is described as modern, fresh, fruity and citrus-y with scent like orange leaf, lemon, peach sweet strawberries, summer rose, gardenia blooms and jasmine. This may sounds like it has a lot going on but it definitely unifies in a really nice Spring/Summer scent that is really uplifting and refreshing. The only time I really notice anything too peachy is when I use their Flake Away body scrub but other than that I really love this scent. I am also quite a huge fan of the Sugar Crush scent and the smell of the Breakfast Scrub which is heaven too! 

The actual cream itself has a nice thickish consistency to it and instantly leaves my skin feeling nourished and moisturised without the greasy feeling that I have noticed with some other creams. It is great for all over body use (obviously) but I also really like using it as a hand cream if I have run out of all my other as it doesn't leave a film of grease as already mentioned which is great! 

The instructions say to apply it to damp skin and massage it in until it is all absorbed - this does work and the it definitely doesn't take a long time to sink in. I do like the feeling of moisturising just after the shower with freshly damp skin but I also enjoy this cream without damp skin. It isn't too thick for the hotter months and after it absorbs you are just left with really smooth skin and a beautiful fragrance! Who wouldn't want that?

All in all I LOVE it! Many people LOVE it and I am sure anyone else who buys it will also fall IN LOVE with it! 

What are your favourite Soap & Glory products? What do you recommend? 


  1. we love body butters, we probably have to many!! But we're going to have to try this one out because we've heard so much about soap and glory's body butters! Have you tried MOR hand creams and body lotions? they smell amazing!!

    1. I have too many as well lol its like a body butter Narnia stash in my house!! Definitely try it out, you won't be disappointed I'm sure!! I've never heard of MOR I don't think? Is that a abbreviation, I'm actually on the hunt for hand creams :) Thanks for reading!!!

  2. I adore this body butter so much.. have you tried the Sugar Crush body butter? Oh my gosh.. it makes me want to eat my own arms :D hahahaha xxxx

    Gemma //

    1. Yes yes Sugar Crush is my second favourite! Especially during Summer! It just smells so so good! I love the Sugar Crush body wash though especially on hot hot days :D Please don't eat your arms off! I wouldn't be able to read your blogs or look at your pretty pictures and swatches lol! Xxxx