Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection + Swatches

This post is quite overdue but due to technical issues I wasn't able to blog for a long while there. Luckily my laptop is feeling better and I can finally bring this exciting post to you! 

The brand new Alluring Aquatic Collection which launched in stores in the UK on the 1st of May is not only gorgeous but extremely tempting. If you have been wondering about some of the colours from the collection then KEEP READING! 

From the collection I bought four out of the six Extra Dimension eyeshadows, three lipsticks, an Extra Dimension blush and a Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner. I am so happy with what I purchased and do not regret a single item, the only things I would have loved more is if I could have got my hands on the Sea Me, Hear Me blush. 

Firstly the packaging is unbelievable! Limited Edition teal with 3D water droplet effects make such a beautiful addition to any makeup collection and is something I just cannot stop staring at. I may be biased as teal and sea themes are my favourite but it really is beautiful and not in the tacky way either. 

The eyeshadows are described as a liquid-powder finish with prismatic reflections and can range from sheer crystallized light to a highly polished metallic effect. It claims to last 6 hours but personally I have worn all of them longer than that with my Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath. 

Lorelei is described as a 'golden beige' which I think is pretty accurate although on my skin tone it pulls slightly peachy too which creates a beautiful natural look. This can be sheered out for a natural glowing look or built up for a more intense look. 

Silver Sun is described as a 'dirty seafoam green'  and is one of my favourites that I purchased. I can wear this as a nice wash of colour for an everyday look or build it up for more of a smoky look which is why I really love these. This has a gorgeous effect on the eyes and really compliments the eye colour (no matter what colour) but is completely versatile and easy to use. 

Sea Worship is described as a 'tarnished olive' and looks absolutely beautiful with glowing cheeks and a light foundation for a nice Spring fresh faced look. Again this can be built up for a pure metallic colour but all of these eyeshadows are incredible. 

Soul Serenade is described as a 'deep plum brown'. I don't find this has much of a plum tone to it, swatched or worn on the eye. In my opinion it is more of a steel grey with flecks of brown but this is another one of my favourites and looks great with a smoky eye look or in the outer corners and crease of the eyes. This colour is extremely pigmented compared to the others but leaves such a beautiful finish. 

All of these eyeshadows can be mixed ad matched with other eyeshadows and I keep finding that even combinations with thee four eyeshadows look amazing! I love how easy they are to apply and blend out as I am definitely not a blending master but these are pretty foolproof. I would definitely recommend giving these a look before they are all gone! 

The lipsticks are what I was most excited about as I am absolutely obsessed with MAC lipsticks, who isn't? I love the different finishes within this collection and found three out of five were winners so immediately bought them, the packaging may have influenced my decision but the colours are so gorgeous too! 

Siren Song is described as a 'sheer pale beige' in which I would agree with. It is a Lustre formula so I find it can be applied really sheer or built up for a bit more colour. I did not think I would EVER own a colour like this but it really is the most perfect nude for me! It isn't too pale that it looks like concealer on my lips or washes me out but it isn't so pigmented that it is hard to wear. I am so glad I decided to swatch this at the last minute otherwise I would have regretted it so much! This is my first nude that isn't actually a pink nude colour. 

Mystical is described as a 'midtone creamy rose' I was expecting this to pull a bit more pinkish due to what it looked like online but it is more of a red rosy colour. This gives a nice definition to the lips and I find that it is quite pigmented for the fact it is a Cremesheen. I love the Cremesheen formulas as they can all be applied sheer or built up for a great wash of colour, they are not drying on my lips at all which is always appreciated. 

Goddess of the Sea is described as a 'dark vibrant purple' and is alot more wearable than it actually looks online. This is the first 'true' purple I own and again is really pigmented even though it is a Cremesheen formula. The cool undertone in it makes teeth look lovely and white and the colour itself definitely peps up any makeup look whether that be neutral or more of a built up look. 

Also described as a liquid-powder blush with prismatic reflections. It adds a beautiful glow to the skin and doesn't enhance any blemishes you may have which I love, it gives a nice airbrushed flawless look to the cheeks and I really cannot fault the formula. I love the formula so much that I will definitely be adding the Extra Dimension blushes to my collection more. 

Seduced at Sea is described as 'midtone neutral plum' which I strongly disagree with as it pulls a very orange colour on my skin. I have never seen a plum this colour and was quite worried when I swatched it on my hand. I thought this was going to be really orange compared to my fair skin but luckily when applied to the face it just adds a really nice peachy look. I really wanted the Sea Me, Hear Me blush as that is apparently more of a pinky plum colour but I am happy I picked up one as I am really happy with the colour and may I just add that the amount of blush you get within this (6.5g) is great! 

The eye liner is described as a pencil that provides rich, luxurious colour with a touch of shimmer and sparkle. Due to the smooth creamy formula it allows you to blend out or leave as a more dramatic look as well as smudge-proof and long wearing. 

Black Line is described as 'black with a gold pearl' and pulls a slight greeny black colour which I love. It is a really nice change to normal black eye liner and adds a lovely dimension to an eyeshadow look. The shimmer isn't too out there and the formula is incredibly smooth and easy to apply! 

If the packaging hasn't already lured you in then I hope these swatches have! This collection is beautiful and if you are uhming and arhhing over whether to get some of the pieces then all I can say is ORDER IT! You won't regret it. 

I also filmed the collection so you could see it in motion with lip swatches so if you are interested in that then press the play button or follow the screen to my YouTube channel where there are many more exciting things to come! 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and enjoyed the video if you watched! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! 

Has anything caught your eye in the collection? Have you bought anything from the collection? What are your thoughts? 


  1. I'm so excited about this collection! I get my pre-order next week and I'm not sure I'm going to make it! Lol, j/k. Every time I see it swatched I just love it more aside from the packaging :D.

    1. I wouldn't be able to wait haha! You don't like the packaging? What did you order from the collection? Thank you for reading! xx

  2. I love all the colors. Specially the mystical lipstick!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. Aren't they all so beautiful? Mystical is so lovely! xx

  3. So they put this on the US website today. Literally 10 minutes after, ALMOST EVERYTHING WAS SOLD OUT. I am so hoping the ones I want are in stock when I go to do my haul... or I can just go to the store... decisions. As always, thanks for the reviews. I can't wait to see more videos from you! xoxo <3

    1. Oh no! I hate when that happens. That is exactly what happened here in the UK so I had to wait to get them in store too but luckily it gave me the chance to swatch them! Thank you so much for the support and reading :D Let me know how your MAC shopping goes! xxx

  4. This comes on June in my area. :( I am so excited for Mystical and Goddess of the Sea! I too thought Mystical would be pinkish because of what's on the website. Oh well!

    1. It is still a beautiful colour I would have loved it to be a tad more pinky but nonetheless :) I hope you love it! Thank you for reading xx

  5. Absolutely Stunning collection! The lipsticks look amazing:)

    1. Thank you so much! It was an absolutely beautiful collection! Thank you for reading! Xx