Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes

I know facial wipes are a highly controversial subject but I really couldn't resist these...

To use facial wipes or not?

I used to use facial wipes ALL THE TIME for every occasion, and no I had no skincare regime in place. I thought facial wipes would be doing it all themselves as many claim to do, it wasn't until I actually started YouTube that I chose to inform myself on taking care of my skin the right way which is why I know have a set in place skin routine. Here comes the but, BUT sometimes I just love using something refreshing to get that first layer off before my skincare routine, is that wrong? For my skin I don't think it is. 

I don't use facial wipes to take care of all of my skins needs but it certainly helps any stubborn mascara or makeup before I go in with my cleansing. I love using facial wipes for many different  reasons and in general I use many facial wipes or wet wipes for many different purposes: after the gym, on the go, on the plane, quick cleaning, sticky fingers, handbag friend, suitcase buddy, nasty spills and yes taking my makeup off before routine (I am not afraid to admit it). 

Long story cut short, I bought these Yes To Cucumber wipes when I managed to get my hands on them in my local waitrose, I had heard so many good things about the brand and loved the 'natural' tag they carry. 

Yes To Cucumber Facial Wipes £3.99 (currently on offer for £2.66 at Boots)

I have heard some mixed reviews on the cucumber facial towelettes and heard that some people have had some bad reactions but my skin loves them. 

Yes To Cucumber wipes are packed with green superfoods and are all natural, biodegradable and naturally exfoliate, detoxify, refresh and cleanse. The refreshing spa-like cucumber scent is lovely and whenever I use them I feel thoroughly refreshed. I currently have these in my gym bag as that is when I use them the most, I don't wear makeup to the gym so I use them specifically for refreshing after my workout and they really do work a charm! 

The few times I have used these before my routine have made it alot easier to get all of my makeup off which cleansing doesn't do fully so it is great to feel doubley clean. They leave my skin feeling really clean, smooth and a lot more calm which I think is down to the aloe vera. 

These wipes are hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic meaning it wont clog your pores and cause pesky spots or acne which is a word I LOVE to hear! 

They are oil free, alcohol free (my skin thanks you), Petroleum, SLS, Paraben and cruelty free! These are enriched with organic cucumbers, aloe vera, green tea and Dead Sea minerals. 

I really enjoy them and would love to try some more from the Yes To ___ Range! Obviously as with everything, everyone's skin reacts differently and looking back into the past and out of experience I would definitely not use any kind of wipes as a stand alone product for your skin. Routine is very important, with products suited to your skin type. I would also like to add a side note and say that these are marketed for sensitive skin but I would definitely air on the side of caution with that claim. If you have extremely sensitive skin but you still want to try some of the YES TO products I would go for something that doesn't have such an astringent ingredient in it :) 

Have you used these? What do you think of them? Are there any YES TO products you have your eyes on?