Tuesday, June 24, 2014

bareMinerals Lasting Liner in Absolute Black

Are you a black liner fan? Are you searching for a long lasting black eyeliner pencil? Then come this way *freaky infomercial voice*... 

Following on from my previous post about my bareMinerals haul (this can be found here) I have decided to review all the products in the kit separately throughout the week. I was going to do a huge post on all three but in fairness to the products they definitely deserve their own spotlight, so lets begin! 

This particular eyeliner is said to deliver long-wearing, richly pigmented colour which is infused with nourishing vitamins and minerals that creates a precise line with maximum colour intensity. The formula is said to be soft and creamy for easy blendability which then sets to a long-wearing finish formula that wont smudge, smear or fade. The eyeliner itself is pointed and twists up and within the packaging a sharpener and an ergonomically angled smudger is included which makes this liner a very handy travel companion for touch ups/travelling/sleepovers or long days in general! 

I absolutely love eyeliner, I am crap at applying it but I love the look it can give to a make-up look! I raved about the bareMinerals Big & Bright liner in Espresso so when this one was included in the Seductive Eyes kit I really could not pass it up. I usually tests products for a few weeks before reviewing them but this kit has blown my mind and therefore got bumped up to the top of my list of items to post about. 

Onto the eyeliner - I love it! There have only been three pencil eyeliners that have lived up to what they have claimed and impressed me and this one can definitely be likened to the Daniel Sandler Velvet Waterproof Eyeliner. 

bareMinerals Lasting Line is very creamy, easy to apply and doesn't have the nasty friction that some eyeliners do therefore a smooth, thin (or thick if you prefer) line is achievable. It does not pull on the eyelids and has really nice colour pay off! What I especially love is the finish of it, it isn't tacky and doesn't transfer onto my upper lid during the day and gives a really nice matte look which is hard to come by unless they are specified matte pencils. I really do not like eyeliners that dry to a shiny almost wet look and therefore the finish of this is perfect for me. 

It was harder to swatch on my arm than it was to apply to my eye and as a contact wearer that is something I am grateful for. The amount of eyeliners I have bought that have seeped into my eyes, made my eyes sensitive, fallen into my eyes in flakes etc is ridiculous and it is really nice to have an eyeliner in your arsenal that does not do any of it. 
I think they should change the description of this eyeliner to 'When the hay fever comes to play the eyeliner is sure to stay' (I should trademark this saying) and although that is a long name it would be true. How many of you suffer with hay fever that affects your make-up look? I am constantly leaving the house with streaming eyes due to the sun and hay fever and this didn't budge! 

The smudger that comes on the end is really nice in quality and makes smudging effortless although I do find that using a small angled brush can be easier for a more precise smudge. I had to work pretty quick with this when smudging because it does seem to set quite fast which is good and bad depending on your speed of make-up application. When not smudging it I found it really easy and lovely to wear. The sharpener is great too and I am glad brands are starting to incorporate this into their eyeliners as there is nothing worse than a blunt eyeliner pencil with no way to sharpen it. 

Tight-lining? Yes! You can use this to tight-line. This has become an everyday essential for me regardless of my make-up look and the current L'oreal one I was using was transferring more on my bottom lash line than staying where it was actually put in the first place. It makes the lashes look fuller without the need for copious amounts of mascara and this liner is definitely tight-line friendly with minimal to no transfer and its staying power! 

I will insert a picture from my Instagram that I took when I created my first look using the kit and eyeliner so please excuse the quality as it was the front facing camera on my phone. If you'd like to see the full make-up look then click here to be directed to my Instagram. 

Hopefully you get the jist of what I am trying to show you. As I said, I am not the best with eyeliner and getting it straight, even or winged out but this really did make it a lot easier. 

Have you ever tried the bareMinerals Lasting Liners? What do you think? 


  1. does it really last? like how long ?

    1. Yes it really does :) I have lots of trouble with eyeliner staying put as i constantly rub my eyes. All the days I have worn it I've had it on for 7+ hours but the longest time I've worn it was 12 xx

  2. This seems great!! I suck at eyeliner too so maybe I should try this...

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  3. Your eyes look gorgeous! I love inky pigmented liners like these - they're amazing! I adore my black liner :D xxx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thank you so much Gemma!! :) Which black liner do you use? xx