Thursday, June 19, 2014

Event: Essence UK Launch

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited along to  my FIRST blogger event: the launch of Essence Cosmetics! 

Essence Cosmetics originates from Germany and is a super popular make-up brand within  Europe. They are extremely affordable and their products do not suffer in quality as some cheaper make-up brands do. At first I would imagine that consumers may think this is for the younger audience but I can assure you that there is something for everyone. They have a wide variety of innovative products which have had a lot of thought placed into them made possible by their stellar production team. 

With this being my first blogger event I was very overwhelmed on arrival, they set us up with refreshing drinks and yummy food, a photography pod with studio lights,  the WiFi password and even a place to charge all of our electricals while we were there. The Sunbeam Studios (where the event was held) was absolutely gorgeous and spacious and ever girls dream - a room filled with hundreds of products! 

I cannot speak highly enough of all the team members we had the pleasure to meet and all the other employees helping out, they were all so lovely and down to earth and very involved and easy to talk to about the brand, products and the company's ethos. Bloggers that attended the event were so lovely too and I was able to mingle with some fellow beauty bloggers which I thoroughly enjoyed as I haven't met any in 'real life' yet. A few to mention are Ruth from SweetP BeauT, Lottie from Love, Beauty & Spa, Daisy from Agnes Daisy and Mariah from Starla Says


There were about eight different tables that offered many different things and also gave us a chance to look at the products up close and try them out too. I loved the nail booth and the makeover booth and had a lot of fun looking at all the colours and products due to hit stores! 

The display was absolutely beautiful and I was so spoilt for choice and I was so confused at where to even start. It was overwhelming but such a fun experience. 

Down below you will find some categories including, nails, eyes and face! 

For the nail polish lovers: Oh I am joyed to show you this picture! There are so many nail polish colours and finishes coming to you soon! All of these colours can be used with changeable top coats in order to achieve the look you want e.g high gloss shine, glow in the dark, gel at home, gel effect and magnetic effect etc. They have even launched a Gel at Home kit where the curing lamp plugs into your USB port! How creative right? All the colours you can see can be used with this set with the matching top coat meaning lots of money saving for us! (I will be reviewing this soon). 

For the lipgloss lovers: There is an extensive range of colours and finishes within their lipgloss range! Choose from Shine Lipgloss, Longlasting Lipgloss, Mirror Shine Lipgloss and some special Matt Lipgloss. From clear to nudes, light pinks, medium pinks, dark pinks, oranges, browns and reds there is just so much choice and for the price it is unbelievable! They have a sweet scent i.e some smell like fudge whilst some smell like cake - I have found they have a slightly different scent for different finishes. 

For the lipstick lovers: Within the lipsticks there are many different shades too! The ones in the left picture are their high shine lipsticks which apply more like a sheer wash of colour/balm (along the lines of The Body Shop Colour Crush Shines) and to the right you have the long lasting lipsticks which I would place to a MAC Satin/Amplified/Cremesheen Hybrid (I hope that makes sense). Currently I am in love with the Long lasting lipstick in 12 Blush My Lips (more to come on these). 

For the Mascara & Eyeshadow lover: I have NEVER seen a brand that contains SO many different mascara. In the right picture that whole row is mascara and the left hand picture shows their range of coloured mascaras which are absolutely beautiful and very fun to use! Middle picture shows some of the eyelashes coming from Essence a long with a few eyeshadow palettes to watch out for. I couldn't believe how many there were and I cannot wait to start testing some of them. 

For your face: There are also many different products coming out ranging from liquid foundations, mousse foundations, bb creams, cc creams, compact powders, anti blemish products, matte foundations, blotting powder, blotting paper, different concealers and silky touch blushes which are gorgeous! Sadly the foundations are all too dark for me (Essence did say they are working on incorporating paler shades) but I am really loving the 16 h Stay All Day Concealer in 10 Natural Beige. 

The average price of Essence products are £2 which is incredible in itself but as they do not endorse celebrities to sponsor their makeup they are able to put their many into their products and therefore still using high quality ingredients but charging a fraction of the price. There will be new collections rolling out as Essence change 25% of their products every 6 months or so! Some of the products I have used have already wowed me but I do have a lot to get through. 

I am sure within the next few months you will be seeing many reviews of the lovely products I received so keep your eyes peeled! 

Some Wilko's have already started stocking Essence but the majority of Wilko's around the UK will have Essence in come July (WOOHOO!) 

Are there any products that have caught your eyes? What will you be picking up? 


  1. I've fallen in love haha!

  2. So how about I take a trip over to you and we can go splurge on Essence products because I'm SUPER JEALOUS that my local Ulta doesn't have this much Essence products. Such a wonderful post! Glad you posted so many drool-worthy pictures. <3

    1. I very much like that plan! Come soon! :D I can't wait to start playing with goodies lol xx

  3. Wow! So many products! I'm so jealous!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. Very overwhelming lol :) Thank you for reading! xx