Friday, June 20, 2014

June Scrummybox

I have another snack attack post to share with you all! 

Again, I am starting June off poorly which seems to be lasting a very long time which is why I have been very MIA within the last 2 weeks. When I am poorly or going through a rough patch I often find my body craving comfort foods like chocolate, crisps, pizzas and all the things that are generally loaded with a lot of preservatives and nasties so when the June Scrummybox arrived on my doorstep I was so happy - when I opened it, even happier lol!

As with all the other boxes I have received, June's Scrummybox* was jam packed with new goodies I had never heard of but very eager to try. 

The brands within the box this month I had never heard of which I find really nice as the same thing can get very boring. I love experiencing new brands and learning more about them and I find Scrummybox really try to integrate a huge variety of different products to try every month which makes it worth the money as you know you can explore different snacks and foods that you may not have known about for. 

I love the fact that Scrummybox is vegan/vegetarian friendly because even though I am vegetarian I love knowing what I am eating out of their boxes is usually dairy free which is something I am trying to cut out with the snacks I am eating. The Scott Farms Sweet Potato Chips £0.99 is something I can't wait to dive into because I absolutely adore sweet potato and to make them into chips is just brilliant - they are hand cooked and gluten free. 
The Chimes Ginger Chews in Mango £1.75 will probably be devoured by my other half soon as I can't get past mango flavouring. Scrummybox customers would have received either Mango or Orange. I will still give it a go as it never hurts to try a new thing but they sound like they would be lovely and definitely a good snack on the go. 
Another good snack on the go are these Kintaro Rice Pops Blueberry & Cranberry £1.75. I used to be a huge fan of the rice krispy cake type fads but they are extremely loaded with artificial sugars/syrups and often corn syrup. These look and sound amazing and I can't wait to devour the packet! 

I am a handbag snack addict - I love snacks that I can pop into my handbag in case I need something when I am out and about, on a plane, in the movies etc. I can't wait to try these Nom Bars Cacao & Raspberry £1.80 as I am a huge oat bar fan but find that supermarket brands have a lot of unnecessary ingredients within them. These are all organic and free from refined sugar! 
If you are one for the fruit and nut bars then Pack Tunch £1 will meet your taste buds standards! With no more than 8 ingredients and 95% of the bar being nuts and fruit. They keep you fuller for longer as they are full of vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre and good carbs! 
Were you addicted to fruit winders or fruit laces? I couldn't believe how full of crap they were and I was really excited to see these Fruit Heroes Strawberry Fruit Bars 50p in the box! 

If you watched my May Favourites (link here) then you will know how much I have been loving dark chocolate these past few months. Coconut and Raspberry?! Say whaaaa... Extra dark chocolate, organic, vegan and fairtrade - could it get an better? If you place your first order through Seed and Bean £ 2.49 they have kindly given a code. If you use 'scrummy' you will receive 25% off *not dairy free*! 
Finally to wash all of these goodies down how about we take some time to appreciate the Manic Organic Apple & Cherry Juice £1.49 that was included too. 100% pressed juices, no concentrates, flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives and I would imagine extremely refreshing on a hot day. 

Thank you again to Anna from Scrummybox! I would definitely recommend you all go check out their website and follow their social media to stay in the Scrummybox loop :) 


What do you think of Scrummybox? Are you on the search for some scrummy snacks?


  1. All looks so nice!

    1. It really is :D Thanks for reading! xx

  2. Sounds amazing! I was looking for a healthy box but could only find Graze :( Will probably sign up to this in the future! :)

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  3. I'd definitely recommend this over Graze :) I used to be signed up to Graze but the 3.52 a week wasn't worth it in the end so I tried the monthly box and found that wasn't that worth it either. I find A Scrummybox much better value for money :) xx