Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The movie theatre lip scrub from LUSH

Let me put it out there - I AM A POPCORN FANATIC! I absolutely love it so when I heard about a popcorn lip scrub you bet I was all over it! 

LUSH offer three permanent lip scrubs in their collection which consist of Mint Julips (mint chocolate flavour), Bubblegum (self explanatory) and the one we will be talking about today, POPCORN

For the longest time I didn't see much of a point with scrubbing my lips as it often left them feeling stripped and in pain and the softness that had come from scrubbing only lasted a little while before they felt chapped again. Now, it isn't often that I actually have to use a lip scrub as I am constantly attached to an assortment of lip balms that keep my lips hydrated but when the times call for a good scrubbin', it starts with this beauty! 

It smells exactly like freshly popped popcorn, it has the same salty but sweet taste and it does the job 100%!  

I like to apply this to my lips and either use my finger for a lighter scrub or if a 'harsher' scrub is needed I will use the exfoliator side of my face towel in order to get any stubborn flakes away. I find you do not need much of this product at all and in the last two months of having it, I have barely made a dent in it which is one thing I will always evaluate when using a product and always ask myself 'how much am I actually getting out of it?'. 

The lip scrub isn't so harsh and gritty that you could hurt your lips accidentally and it isn't so fine that you feel like it hasn't done anything to your lips. LUSH have found the right mixture of course-ness and oils within the product making it really enjoyable to use. I would be lying if I said I only use it when I need to as I often find myself reaching for it even when I don't as I love it so much. Between you, me and the blogging walls, I know my other half likes to use it too as some finger dents are too big to be mine and if it is man approved then you know you have a good product. 

Ingredients with benefits

Sea Salt is often used as a natural antiseptic and contains many rich minerals like sodium and magnesium which is a great benefit to not only your lips but your skin too! It is a really nice gentle exfoliant for the skin/lips and LUSH's sea salt is pesticide free. 

Coconut Oil has an abundance of benefits for the skin, hair, nails, inner body and many other natural and home uses. Not only does it smell divine it also contains antioxidant properties and is rich in manganese, copper and selenium which are all skin loving ingredients too! Coconut oil is a great natural moisturiser and is so versatile therefore your lips will really benefit from it and be soft, moisturised and soothed. 

Jojoba Oil is yet another oil is another great natural moisturiser and softener for the skin and is used in many natural products as it helps ease irritation whilst helping keep the skin subtle and fresh. 

Polenta is rich in iron, thiamine, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium and another great gentle yet effective natural exfoliator with benefits for your skin/lips. 

Caster Sugar when used in course, granulated form is is a great exfoliator too and combined with the list of ingredients in the Popcorn scrub it really does do an amazing job!  

The scrub is primarily salt and sugar and so if you aren't too keen on really salty products then I would have a look at the other two flavours on offer as they are more sweet than salty. I personally love salty products and have an addiction to sour sweets so this was right up my alley in terms of flavouring. 

Tip: It doesn't specify on the packaging anywhere whether this can be used anywhere else on the body but I have used it on dry patches that have arisen around my face and forehead and it works a charm! Especially during the winter months when I get a lot of dry patches around my nose, it is a nice gentle and natural way to get rid of that scaly layer. 

A simple DIY version of the lip scrubs from LUSH can be made at home using the same kind of ingredients but for a quick fix and a handy emergency scrub I would really recommend picking one of these up to have in your stash! 

LUSH Lip Scrubs retail for £5.50 and can be purchased instore or online (click here

Have you tried any LUSH Lip Scrubs? What LUSH Products do you recommend? 


  1. I've had the bubblegum version of this scrub for as long as I can remember. It's probably old, but still works as if it was new. LUSH really knew what they were doing when they made these lip scrubs. The bubblegum one tastes really sweet. I haven't had the guts to try this one, though! Great review girl xoxo <3

    1. They really do! I find them so great and so easy to travel with too! I liked the bubblegum one but it was a bit too sweet for me so it was a hard decision between this one and Mint Julips hehe and I am glad I got this one, when it is finished I will get the Mint Julips one and try that out too :) Thank you so much for reading lovely xx

  2. Awesome review!
    I love LUSH lip scrubs! Sadly, they discontinued one of my favorites (Sweet Lips, which was a cocoa/vanilla flavor), but I adore Mint Julips. If you're looking for a good body scrub, you should try Ocean Salt - it's my favorite! You can use it on your face as well as long as you're super gentle :)

    Marianna |