Monday, July 07, 2014

Bath & Body Works Rainforest Sugarcane

I wouldn't say I am overly obsessed with candles but when it comes to Bath & Body Works I can tell that if I lived somewhere where I could get them easily, I would be addicted (and poor)! 

Part of the Aloha, Hawaii Collection released this year, I snagged this beauty off  of eBay for a silly price but couldn't resist it as I had heard such great reviews and the packaging, well it's beautiful isn't it?! 

I absolutely love everything from the colour to the printed picture on the front to the beautiful Hibiscus embossed lid. I was hooked as soon as I saw this online and decided to buy the mini version as it was the least damaging to the bank account and this is how I know that if I lived somewhere where these were accessible I would be a candle lady. 

As you can see from the description of the candle it promises a very fresh, light but exotic smell and I couldn't think of a mixture that was any more perfect than something that incorporated lime, sugar and vanilla orchid! 

I love this, especially now that the UK is officially in the Summer zone I find the light but smooth scent is perfect for burning on these Summer days. It really freshens up a muggy room and I usually burn mine in my study so that I have a nice fresh smell throughout the day. I love the mini versions as they are not too strong and I would imagine that the throw of the big 3 wick candles for this scent may have been very strong, maybe even too strong for me but as a mini I would say it is a lovely refreshing scent. 

The most prominent fragrance in this for me is the rare vanilla orchid so it does come of quite floral but not over the top, It isn't too citrusy either which I think they could have incorporated some more fresh lime into this just to freshen it up that little bit extra and surprisingly raw sugarcane does not smell sickly, overly sweet so overall I would say this is a winner. I am quite sad that when I like these I cannot take advantage of the beautiful offers that Bath & Body Works gives but my little 2 candle collection is off to a great start! 

This candle is said to last approximately 10 hours and I have made it around half way through mine, I only light it for an hour or so and no doubt will be finished with it soon. 

I would have been interested to smell the Aloha, Hawaii Collection but I'd definitely recommend hunting some of these scents down if it isn't too much hassle. 

What are some of your favourite candle scents? Do you have any BBW recommendations?