Monday, July 28, 2014

Clarins Colours of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact

I am very late on the Clarins make-up band wagon, I always walk past the counter and gawk at the wonderful beauty offerings but had yet to pick something up until I came across this gorgeous item. Even if you are not the bronzing type of person, I urge you to read more about this certain bronzer. 

Every year Clarins bring out their limited edition Summer collection and true to form they always bring out a limited edition bronzer that boasts packaging and fine details of that certain collection. This year Clarins bought out their Colours of Brazil collection which looks phenomenal and has many different products to choose from but I was instantly attracted to the Colours of Brazil Bronzer.

For those of you who do know me in 'real life' then you will know I try and stay away from the sun as much as I can (give me Winter any day) and therefore do not boast a glowing tan (I go lobster red) during the Summer. I have never been a bronzing fan myself and only own one bronzer (The Body Shop Honey Bronzer) which I picked up towards the end of last year but when I saw this I immediately snapped a picture of it and declared my love for it on Instagram and said it WOULD be mine. It is mine now and I couldn't be happier! 

There is not much to say about the packaging except for the fact it is unbelievable stunning with the outer case matching the embossed bronzer and both parts being beautifully detailed with a South American motif. 

I. just. cant.

This certain bronzer is said to suit ALL skin tones and the reason I don't often use bronzer is because of the slight (or not so slight) orange tones they often have in them but not this one! One of the main selling points of this bronzer to me was the fact it looked so natural and warming on my very fair complexion without looking orange. 

The Clarins bronzer has a beautiful mixture of a light brown, terracotta and a small square of peachy, golden shimmer allowing this bronzer to be fully matte if you wanted it to or by incorporating the little shimmer cube, more of a glowing bronzed effect. 

Not only does this bronzer radiate Summer but it smells like it too with a really light, tropical kind of scent (along the same scent as the Clarins BB Cream) which I personally love and is also unusual as for me as florally, fruity scents are definitely not my first picks but works so well for this Summer. 

If you aren't sold already maybe I should mention that this HUGE 20g bronzer is only £30 as opposed to say the NARS Laguna bronzer which is £27 for 8g. When I say huge, this bronzer covers most of my hand and will definitely be lasting me at least a year or so. 

I definitely think that collecting these limited edition Clarins bronzers every Summer is going to be an obsession. 

What do you think of the bronzer? Did you pick up this years bronzer? 


  1. Gorgeous colour!! Clarins have a beautiful makeup range xxx

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

    1. It is beautiful and they really do xx

  2. Ahhhh gorgeous!
    Honestly I don't own any Clarins makeup but I think I
    really need to give it a shot!

    1. This is my first piece of Clarins makeup I own! It is gorgeous and definitely worth a look :)