Tuesday, July 08, 2014

NARS Fling Lip Set ft. Guy Bourdin

Fully aware that I am way behind on this bandwagon and the amount of reviews that went up for this beautiful kit but I really couldn't not put my two cents in! 

The NARS Guy Bourdin Fling Lip Set released last year in November and I managed to get my hands on the last one at the NARS counter as they sold out incredibly fast. I didn't go on a nationwide hunt for this as it wasn't something I originally wanted or lusted after (like some collections when you know what you want months before it releases) but when I saw it in store I really couldn't resist buying it when I saw the two full sized lipstick, full size lip pencil and another slightly smaller lip pencil. I have always wanted to try NARS lip products, especially the lip pencils so for £30 I decided it was a bargain and it was coming home with me. 

All four products come enclosed in this hard lacquered red lip case (getting swanky) which you can use to store your precious NARS lip pencils or other trinkets and all sorts. I love the lacquered lips and I will definitely put them somewhere I can see them! I am sure a lot of people bought the item for this particular addition and when I saw the lip case I was more tempted than before so we could put it down to that but it is safe to say that I have fallen in love with the colours within the box too! 

I. just. can't. get. over. this! 

The four lip products included within this set are; 

1) Roman Holiday - full size (3.4 g) 
2) Damage - full size (3.4 g) 
3) Baroque - full size (2.5 g) 
4) Dolce Vita - not full size (1.7 g) 

1) Roman Holiday - described as a 'sheer delicate pastel pink' which I think is spot on. I was very worried about the colour as it looks very bright and almost along the same path as MAC's Saint Germain but luckily due to the sheerness of the product it applies like a dream, is moisturising and gives the most beautiful sheer finish with a really subtle but still noticeable baby pink colour. 

2) Damage - described as a 'sheer muted grape' and it really depends on what they define as a grape colour as it pulls more of a plummy hue on me. I love this colour and think this would be perfect for an everyday neutral look. 

3) Dolce Vita - described as a 'dusty rose' when I swatched this on my arm it pulled more of an orangey rose colour and I was quite shocked as it is not how I would describe a dusty rose but once applied on my lips I found it was more wearable and more of a rosy colour! I absolutely adore the finish of this, I can now see why the NARS matte pencils have such a hype surrounding them as they are beautiful to apply, not too drying and last a good amount of time. 

TIP: I will say that with this being a matte, if you have any dry patches then a good exfoliation before may be recommended so that it doesn't cling to the drier areas. 

4) Baroque - described as a 'raspberry sorbet' again I would place this in the plum/mauve family as it isn't typically what I call a raspberry colour. It pulls more red to deep plum on me and does have some fine glitter/shimmer particles in it which I wasn't too crazy about when swatched on the arm but with the right makeup look I think this could be a really nice event or evening colour. I like the glossy finish without having to wear a gloss but find the main colour wears off quite fast (within an 1-2 hours depending on what you are doing) but it is a pretty colour. 

Top row: Roman Holiday and Damage 
Bottom Row: Dolce Vita and Baroque 

Overall I definitely think I made a good choice with picking this up! I cannot wait to see what other lip sets NARS brings out for the future as I am now a fully fledged fan of NARS and think the products they have to offer are superb! 

Even though this set is not available anymore some of the colours included can be bought separately. 

What are your thoughts on this set? Any other NARS recommendations?


  1. Love the packing, I would buy it purely for that! Don't think there is one I dislike either, they all so lovely!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I think the packaging was a huge selling point for me too hehe! I do love all the colours though and I really do need to add some more to my collections! Thank you so much for reading xx