Monday, July 21, 2014

The Blackest Eyeliner I Own

There is no doubting that Urban Decay are highly raved about when it comes to the bold colours, super pigments and long lasting formula of the majority of their cosmetic line and being a huge fan of them I can definitely attest to the claims. I had heard SO much about the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils and went back and forward from the Milton Keynes store for weeks wondering if I really did need another eye liner. 

It was extremely hard to choose a colour from the 40+ shades they offer in this formula but being true to me I picked the one I knew I would get the most wear from. If I had unlimited money I would have picked up at least 10 as there are some absolutely mind blowing shades but at the time I was on the hunt for a new black eyeliner so decided on the shade Perversion. 

I love the fun colours within the brand and the fact that no matter what look you are trying to achieve or know you want they urge you to have fun and be yourself, no matter how outrageous or how simple that may be. I love the packaging of all of their products and find them aesthetically pleasing and very enticing (which is bad for my bank account) but amongst the packaging the products are definitely worth the rave. 

Perversion is known as the biggest, baddest and blackest eye liner on the market and is described as the blackest black matte colour. The formula itself is described as being 'creamy, forever- lasting as well as velvety-soft'. YES! Just yes, gone are the days of the scratchy eye liners, the ones that never sharpen, the ones that never stay in place and the ones that go everywhere. Simply this eyeliner can be claimed as Holy Grail status (along with my Stila Stay All Day). 

The short version of this review is: If you don't already own this, you NEED it! 

The longer version of the review is that they are incredibly creamy as described almost like velvet sliding across your skin which makes the biggest difference when trying to get a nice polished look and you have no dragging. The formula itself gives you about 30 seconds once applied to smudge it (if that is the look you wanted) before it sets to a long lasting matte finish and does not budge for the rest of the day. It is exceptionally brilliant for tight lining the eye and not rubbing off on the bottom water line and it is even better for days when my eyes cannot stop watering due to contacts or hayfever. 

Every time I use this eye liner I am re-wowed over how saturated the colour is and how beautiful it applies and there is no doubting that I see a few more colours in my future with their array of metallic, tropical, smoky, super bright and colours you have probably never thought of trying. 

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-One Eyeliners are also formulated without parabens, sulfates, phlates and the Perversion formula is also Vegan a long with some of the other shades too. 

I would 1,000% recommend checking Perversion out (and all the other shades) if you are on the market for a new one or one that lasts ages! I am absolutely in love! 

Have you tried Perversion? Any Urban Decay recommendations? 


  1. I LOVE these liners.. I have 17 different shades as I'm so obsessed with them! My favourite is Mushroom xxx

    1. I am definitely going to go get some more shades! 17 :O wow Gemma! That is definitely a good sign on when someone likes a product hehe! Thank you so much for the support and reading xxxx

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