Friday, September 12, 2014

Switching Up My Skincare - Conclusions

Recently I was chosen by PureNesse UK to review a whole new skincare routine. Today I will be sharing my one five week conclusions with you about the products I received. 

If you missed the post where I explained about the brand and the product ingredients then pop over HERE and take a quick read as there is a lot more detail on that page. 

I originally wanted to do weekly updates with the skincare routine but it didn't work out that way sadly but luckily I wrote down my thoughts and will some them up in this post for those of you interested! 

The six items I received are from three different brands all of which are natural and contain different percentages of organic ingredients which is brilliant if you are trying to wean your skin of chemical skincare. Don't get me wrong, I use a mixture of both and like to switch my skin routine up which seems to work really well for me. The items I received include Paris Exclusive Cosmetics Gel Makeup Remover (£16.58)*, Moisturising Day Cream (£24.28)*, Instant Radiance Mask (£29.50)* and a Moisturising Hand Cream (£8.20)*. From GamArde I received their Purifying Toning Water (£12.10)* and from Mademoiselle Gabrielle the beautiful Gentle 2-in-1 Exfoliating Mask (£19.75)*

Paris Exclusive Gel Makeup Remover - I am new to using a gel cleanser and I am not to sure how to feel about it. This specific gel makeup remover has many skin loving ingredients in and smells really refreshing so I have now chosen to use this in the morning and use a cream/milk cleanser in the evening. I do like the way this makeup remover works and haven't had trouble removing my makeup once. It leaves my skin feeling really refreshed and awakened. 

Paris Exclusive Moisturising Day Cream - One of the nicest day moisturisers I have tried to date. It is lightweight, smells good and instantly calms my face down. The cream itself is rich in Omega 3 & 6 as well as some really beautiful ingredients to ensure that your skin is getting the best during the day. Talk about a nutritious day cream for your face. 

Paris Exclusive Instant Radiance Mask - Probably my favourite product from the Paris Exclusive bunch because as much as I enjoy the moisturiser THIS is something else entirely. When using this my skin feels completely new, smooth and clean whilst adding a really beautiful radiance and luminosity. The kind of effects that make me wish my skin looked like this everyday. If you don't mind a sticky pillow in the morning then I definitely recommend popping this on one night before going to bed and you will wake up feeling and looking like a queen. 

Paris Exclusive Moisturising Hand Cream - Out of everything I received this is probably my least favourite and not because of the formula but because of the smell. I was warned about the smell of the hand cream and didn't really realise how strong it would be until it came. It isn't offensive but it does take getting used to and if you like the nice smelling hand creams this may not be for you BUT if you can get past the smell then you are in for some sexy smooth hands! I love the formula and the results so I look past the smell and use this when I go to bed and I cannot fault the formula. 

GamArde Purifying Toning Water - If there is a toning water I could fall in love with I think it would be this. It is super refreshing and really leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated. It smells really nice and fresh and I can't wait to use this at the beginning and end of my day for the pick me up. I am thinking of putting some in a sprayer and making a facial mist out of it so I can use it all day. Thumbs up toning water, you play a good game! 

Mademoiselle Gabrielle Gentle Exfoliating 2-in-1 Mask - I have popped up a singular review on this beauty which you can see HERE because out of everything it is my favourite (saving the best for last) product I received but in short this mask is incredible! It smells like caramel toffee, it is gold with a beautiful shimmer running through it which adds the perfect pick me up instant glow after using it and it feels like honey on the skin when applying it. My skin feels so soft after using this and really seems to calm down whilst still looking fresh and bright! 

I have really enjoyed using these products and obviously have to say the biggest thank you to PureNesse UK for sending me a whole new routine for my dry skin. I feel like if I was using the same products as before then my skin may not have behaved so much throughout the Summer. A lot of the products contain different types of Algae so not only does my face look better and cleaner it also feels softer and taken care of. I have only had one bad breakout this month and of course it had to be a hormonal breakout but other than that I truly think these products have kept the spots at bay and my skin looking great! 

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Have you tried anything from these brands? What is your favourite skincare routine?


  1. I've never heard of them before, but the radiance mask sounds really lovely. It's fab that you've been able to try the whole range :D x x x

    Gemma |

    1. I hadn't either but both of the masks are top notch :D Thank you so much Gemma xxxx