Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Mademoiselle Gabrielle Exfoliating Mask

I don't know who can resist a good face mask but being a skincare addict myself I know I can't and it really doesn't help when a product is this great...

I was lucky enough to be sent a whole new skincare routine from the lovely team at PureNesse UK which included the beautiful Mademoiselle Gabrielle Exfoliating Mask (£19.75)* which has to be the most gorgeous face mask I have ever seen and have never seen anything quite like it. 

This mask is not only a gorgeous shimmery gold colour but it also smells like caramel toffee which in my books is a win win and something I cherish every time I use the mask. 

My face loves some exfoliation whether that be manual exfoliation or chemical exfoliation. I much prefer gentle exfoliation as long as it works so when I read that this mask was a 2-in-1 treatment and can either be used as an exfoliator or as a face mask I was immediately interested to find out what effects this could have on my skin. 

When reading about this mask, my favourite part about it has to be that 100% of the ingredients are natural which is a really nice change to face masks that do contain a lot of other ingredients within them. 

The mask contains skin loving ingredients like Sunflower Oil in order to nourish the skin, Aloe Vera to hydrate and soothe irritated skin, Betaine Salicylate that unclogs pores and exfoliates, Papaya Fruit Extract which exfoliates whilst improving the texture and tone of the skin and Vitamin E to protect and repair skin. 

Is it okay to just stare at a skincare product for an inordinate amount of time?

The mask itself applies like a liquid honey which is really calming and easy to spread all over the face. When applying the mask I use a thin layer over a cleansed skin and leave it on anywhere from five to fifteen minutes depending on what condition my skin is in. I then massage the rest into my face with wet fingers until it turns slightly milky and then rinse it off with warm water. A little goes a long way so I am sure this mask will last me a fair amount of time. 

The mask does not dry out my skin at all and instead leaves it feeling refreshed and calmed. I think the fact this is gold and has a shimmer aspect really helps boost the radiance of my face and adds a really fresh glow to the skin which is perfect for a day when you need an emergency mask before going out or going to an event etc. Another huge bonus point is that even though it does exfoliate (which it does extremely well) it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight at all. 

I truly couldn't recommend this mask enough especially if you struggle with sensitive or dry skin and find that the usual masks irritate you. This really is gentle and a great price for the amount you get and the results you see.

The Mademoiselle Gabrielle Exfoliating Mask retails for £19.75 and contains 50ml of product and can be purchased directly from PureNesse.

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Have you tried this mask? What are some of your favourite face masks?


  1. This product sounds, and LOOKS so gorgeous! What!? A shimmery, golden face mask? Haha! I'm yet to try an exfoliating mask, but I am all about chemical and manual exfoliators. They are definitely essential in my routine to help reduce scarring and congestion.

    BTW, stumbled across your blog and had to follow because we have the same name! Haha :) Also, your blog's pretty cool too ;)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. It is absolutely divine! Let's not forget the fact that is smells like caramel and toffee lol! Almost too good not to eat! What are some of your favourite exfoliators? Which chemical ones would you recommend!

      Thank you so much haha :) xx