Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Magnitone Lucid Cleansing & Exfoliating Brush

I have always wanted a facial brush but couldn't bring myself to shell out over £90 for one no matter how many glowing reviews it got! Magnitone Lucid to save the day...

I was so excited when I was contacted by the lovely team at Magnitone and asked if I would like to be part of their review panel for their #7daychallenge. This included using the Magnitone Lucid Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Brush (£69.99)* for seven days and reporting my thoughts on it. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and couldn't really argue with trying the cheaper alternative to some of the more expensive brands. 

The Magnitone Lucid comes in four different colours; Plush Pink, Dazzling Blue, Sunshine Yellow and the one I picked, Aqua Green which I absolutely love and it fits into my bathroom perfectly. 

With this being my first facial brush I was of course quite nervous to see how my skin would react. What if my face is too sensitive? What if it irritates my face? What if it makes me break out more? When in the end I needn't have worried at all because I really couldn't have asked for a better facial brush to try! 

First things first, in the box you get the Dual Mode Lucid Mrush, Magnetic Wireless Travel Charger (comes with a 2 pin or a 3 pin), Active Clean Brush Head, Instruction booklet and a 12 month warranty card. 

I have absolutely no complaints about how my skin has reacted with the brush and love the Dual Mode the Lucid has. When you first turn the brush on you will be on the normal mode and if you click it again then you get the sensitive mode which is great for a gentle yet effective cleanse. The Lucid Facial brush is suitable for dry and delicate and can be used everyday without it stripping your skin which is another positive I enjoy. 

Another positive is that you do not have to buy a specific cleanser to use with it making it very easy to incorporate to whichever skin care regime you may be using and as I love my cleanser I am glad that I didn't have to purchase a separate one, I switch between my Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Cleanser or my The Body Shop Vitamin E Cleanser. I love that the brush is waterproof as I can use it in the shower in the mornings and don't have to worry about electrocuting myself which although it may awaken me a bit more I would prefer to stick to my normal routine. 

The Lucid Facial Brush also has a 20 second zone timer with a 1 minute auto-stop timer so that you are not over cleansing your face. I do 20 seconds on each cheek and then 20 seconds along my forehead, down my nose, around my mouth and on my chin. The Lucid fits perfectly into my hand which makes manoeuvring it around my face really really easy! 

The instructions recommend using it on the SENSITIVE mode for the first five days whilst your skin gets used to the changes. They also say that you should only cleanse your face for no longer than one minute for the first five days to make sure that your skin adjusts properly. This brush uses 10,000 Pulsed Oscilations per minute which my hands could never do. 

So I have been using the Lucid Facial brush since Monday the 8th of September and now that is has been a full week I am ready to rumble and let you know how I got on with this beauty. I made daily notes so that it would be easier for you to know exactly what progress I saw and when. 

This is how my first week went; 

Day 1 | Used the Lucid on the sensitive mode and was immediately impressed with how soft the Active Clean brush was. I would have been fine with the normal mode as it isn't harsh in the slightest but I wanted to make sure I was sticking to instructions. I didn't take my makeup off before using my Lucid as I wanted to see how well it would wash out of the brush. I left my eye makeup until last and took that off with a separate face cloth as I didn't want black stains all over the brush head. It cleaned all traces of makeup off and I didn't feel the need to go in with more cleanser, I could definitely see that my skin was 100% clean of makeup. 
Result - my skin felt extra clean and felt instantly smoother! I suffer from a lot of under the skin bumps and they weren't as noticeable as they usually are. Off to a great start! 

Day 2 | I woke up with my skin STILL feeling soft from the night before. I felt so refreshed and ready to put my makeup on and felt the dry patches on my face weren't half as uncomfortable as they were before I used the brush. Again, I took my whole face of makeup off with the brush and it washed out perfectly with no extra product needed. My skin hasn't reacted negatively nor does it feel sensitive at all. 
Result - My face feels squeaky clean and not in the uncomfortable tight way either although I do use my nightly moisturiser afterwards. I don't feel the need for using my toner as my skin is so clean and my cheeks are definitely softer! 

Day 3 | Cannot believe how much I am looking forward to cleaning my skin this evening. I woke up again with really soft skin and noticed my complexion is starting to look slightly more even. My makeup is applying so well in the morning and I am not getting any crumbly dry patches around my nose anymore. I used my Vitamin E Cleanser when taking my makeup off this evening and love the way the brush lathers it up. 
Result - Not only does my skin feel like it is being pampered whilst being clean BUT it is the softest I have felt it for the longest time. I cannot believe these results as it has only been 3 evenings of use! Again my skin feels satin soft and the size of my pores around my cheeks and nose are decreasing drastically! They are barely visible close up and the ones I can see look completely skin and decongested! 

Day 4 | I really love the 'morning after' look to my skin. It really looks like I have had a world of great sleep and my skin looks so much brighter and happier. It is not as dull as it was when I started using the Lucid Facial brush and I now cannot wait to get home and use the brush again. It is becoming strangely relaxing and peaceful to use the brush before I got to bed and 4 days of makeup has not stained the brush at all, even my cleanser which is black hasn't left a trace. 
Result - Baby bum cheeks and a rosy complexion to go to bed with. Two of my under the skin bumps are gone and only five more remain! I have had these for the last year or so and NOTHING I have used has taken them down or away. It is safe to say that I am obsessed. 

Day 5 | My skin is glowing and I am feeling more confident. I have no dry patches for the first time in weeks and my foundation covers my face flawlessly with no dragging or clinging. My pores on my nose are virtually invisible and I have been getting compliment on how great my skin is looking. 
Result - Back to my Michael Todd cleanser and I just cannot stop touching my face (is this weird?) My other half thinks I look like a fresh grapefruit (his description) and wants one of his own! Even my 12 year old brother thinks it is cool and like the feel of it on his cheeks. BACK OFF EVERYONE, IT IS MINE! 

Day 6 | Why HELLO gorgeous! My skin feels new, none of the affects are wearing off like a face masks affects would and I am blown away. I didn't want to buy into this facial brush hype but I am sold in every directions. I am regretting not taking before and after pictures. Today I was able to just use concealer on my face and needed NO foundation! My skin felt alive and wonderful! 
Result - I used the brush on the normal setting this evening and my skin is still extremely soft and another under the skin pump is shrinking, clean pores and no break outs since starting the 7 day challenge! Bonus! 

Day 7 | Every morning I wake up I am more than impressed to say the least and everything is just going uphill. My skin is looking fresh, revitalised and glowing which it never does! My skin always looks dull and tired. I am so glad I have this brush in my life. Again I have no foundation on and just some concealer under my eyes! I feel as if a few of my scars around my chin are fading and my skin tone seems to be evening out. 
Result - Still using the brush on normal mode and not noticing any sensitivity at all. I cannot wait to use my Lucid every night and I will not stop after this challenge. Cleaning my skin is a breeze and the results speak for themselves. I am over the moon and feel like everyday the brush changes my skin in a new and wonderful way. I cannot wait to see what my skin looks like at then end of the month! 

I am sorry this was such a long review but a lot of information had to be jammed into one post. Don't be surprised if you see this floating around on my social media everywhere because it truly is amazing. I would highly recommend this especially if like myself you have dry skin and are too scared to use a facial brush, you don't know what you are missing! 

For £69.99 which I am more than willing to pay after these results, I really think this is a gem! A great beauty find and I am so grateful that Magnitone got in touch and shared it's wonder with me. I think this brush deserves many more amazing reviews and I have yet to find a bad one! 

You can purchase the Magnitone Lucid here

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Do you use a facial brush? What are your thoughts on them?


  1. This is so similar to my Clarisonic, I wish this was out when I was splurging on the Clarisonic. I personally love using a facial brush, haven't had any flaky dry skin since using it or a bad reaction to it x

    Beauty with charm

    1. How do you find the Clarisonic? I am glad it came out as I was about to splurge on the Clarisonic actually but my skin is just so much better! xx

  2. Amazingly thorough review lovely!! Beautiful pics too, it's brilliant isn't it! I absolutely love mine, it totally changed my skin too xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely!! I really cannot wait to see what my skin looks like at the end of the month hehe! xxx

  3. I've been wanted to purchase a facial brush for a while and I'm really thinking of purchasing one at Olympia Beauty on Monday. I am so glad I read this review as it has made me want a Magnitone even more!! Thanks for a great review! xx


    1. Yes definitely do! I wanted to go to the Olympia Beauty so I hope it goes so well for you! :) Thank you so much for reading xx