Friday, October 03, 2014

Battle Oats | Natural Protein Flapjacks

I love snack bars! There is no denying it but more often than not they aren't really that healthy or beneficial to ones body or eating routine. I was really excited to try out some new snack bars on the market called Battle Oats... 

In the spirit of another Foodie Friday I thought I would share a review on a snack I will need many more of in my life. 

To cut a long story shorter, I love cereal bars, snack bars and just quick fixes for mornings when I am running late or running around in general and the majority of the above mentioned bars are really not that great for me with their glucose syrups, artificial flavourings, refined sugars and numerous amounts of hidden ingredients that one should not be fueling their body on so I went on the hunt for a snack bar that could give me the best of both worlds. A healthy bar made with wholesome ingredients and one that would have a good amount of protein in them too! Sadly I had quite a bad allergic reaction to Whey Protein (the type found in protein powders and more often than not protein bars) so when I heard of Battle Oats* using Soy Protein within their flapjack bars I contacted them and asked if it may have the same affect to which they said they didn't think so as they are two different proteins. They kindly offered to send me some bars to sample and see how I got on with and HERE WE ARE!

The two bars they sent are their current flavours which are Dark Choc Chip and Cranberry & Blueberry Fusion. You can bet that I dove straight into the chocolate one first. 

These bars are made from 100% natural ingredients and are a blend of low GI carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein and fibre without having any nasties hidden in them or any E numbers. They are not only great in the way of ingredients but they are also oven baked and gluten free! 

10 more reasons to eat, love and enjoy Battle Oats; 

> High in protein (15g per bar) 
> Made with butter and coconut oil
> High in heart-kind saturated fats (remember: good fats do not make you gain fat) 
> High in fibre
> No margarine or palm oil
> Zero trans fats
> Slow releasing energy source
> Added Cranberry Oil for Omega 3 benefits
> GMO free
> Vegetarian friendly (bonus) 

Dark Choc Chip (£2)* was definitely my favourite out of the two. Having a huge sweet tooth I found this the most fulfilling and satisfying on the day I ate it and although it was only 70g it really was a nice filling snack. So much so that I saved the other half for the journey back home and believe me, it was even better after a hard day. 

Cranberry & Blueberry Infusion (£2)* was light, fruity (as you'd expect) and also really tasty to eat. I am not sure if it was just my bar but I really felt it could have done with more dried pieces of fruit. This could also just be me being greedy but the fruit added such a lovely flavour to the bar that I really would have loved a few extra pieces to savour but the bar itself was yummy! Again I was only able to eat half of this one and saved the other half for when I was done at the gym and of course it went down a treat (my other half loved them both too). 

So does it make me sick? Absolutely not and I cannot tell you how relieved I am to be saying that. To finally have found something full of wonderful body loving ingredients and protein that doesn't make me sick and that is why I need more of them ASAP! 

What more needs to be said? They are truly delicious and I already miss them.

You can buy Battle Oats in singular bars, boxes of 12 or cases of 48 and right now they are on sale! 

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What are your favourite healthy snacks? Have you tried Battle Oats?


  1. The Dark Chocolate Chip one looks so yummy!

  2. Dark Choc Chip was the best :D I like the fruity one too though :)