Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dream Dots For Spots

I, like many suffer from spots whether it be a small breakout, a large one or a hormonal breakout - I get them. We all look for ways and treatments to get rid of them and recently I have been loving these little gems..

Dream Dots (€14.95)are a company that popped up onto my radar after seeing many rave reviews. Of course I was very interested to use them as I am with any product that is said to help spots. Dreams Dots state that 'A Dream Dot is isn't simply a sticker - it's a unique wafer thin cross linked hydro matrix patch'

How do they work? The tiny clear circular patch is waterproof and on one side is completely smooth whilst being sticky on the other side. The sticky side is the one you press over that dreaded spot (or spots) and the patented gel that is infused into the patch works overnight to treat and heal the spot without damaging your skin. The patch creates a moist healing environment where it maintains the ideal PH balance, temperature and hydration levels which lead to a faster healing rate.

Do they actually work? Simply, Yes they do. 
Not so simply, I have seen a lot of reviews slamming these dots (and products alike) as they don't completely take spots away overnight but nowhere does the company say that the spot will disappear overnight. They just state that within a few days your spot should heal faster than it normally does and you should see reduced redness and inflammation. So although this is not a miracle overnight spot buster, it certainly does help my healing rate. When removing the spot I noticed that the area on the patch had turned white and my spot didn't have a head anymore and according to the website and the instructions this is supposed to happen so thumbs up there! 

My spots can last anywhere from three to seven days depending on what they are but once I pop one of these patches on my spot is visibly smaller by morning and often gone within two or three days, not to mention I have had no scarring from any spots since using these which is the biggest bonus for me as my skin scars all time time from pesky spots. When I have really painful under the skin spots (I am sure you know the ones I mean) then these patches really help with reducing the pain and making my skin feel more comfortable. 

I have really enjoyed using them (I never thought I would say that about a spot product) and would recommend them if you have trouble with spots and scarring. I love how they don't dry out my face further which a lot of spot treatments do and the fact you can see results with them! 

Have you heard of Dream Dots? Will you be trying them? 


  1. Love the sound of this! My skin needs some of these at the moment!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. These sound great and love how hygeniec they are x

    Beauty with charm