Friday, November 21, 2014

The Vegan Kind: November Box (#TVK13)

Another Foodie Friday - Another Vegan Treat Box! I just cannot get enough of The Vegan Kind boxes... 

If you read my review on the October TVK12 box (here) then you will now how much I enjoyed everything that came inside it and how amazed I was with the quality and selection of treats. It's safe to say all the treats from the box are gone now so when the November TVK13 box showed up on my doorstep I was more than impressed and excited to have new things to test out. 

Quick side not before we get started: A very happy birthday to The Vegan Kind as they are celebrating their 1st birthday! They are hosting a whole month of birthday celebration on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you want to get in on the action! 

Made exclusively for TVK13, Considerit Sea Salt Caramel was calling my name from the start! Caramel is one of my favourite things and sea salted caramel is even more amazing! I have used this on my oats in the morning and let me tell you something, just wow! It is so beautiful in flavour and shop bought caramels will never compare to how indulgent and comforting this tastes. I couldn't believe it was vegan. I also want to try make the Pumpkin Spiced Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate that we got on our recipe card this month made by The Vegan Cookie Fairy.
Enter the code TVK13 at checkout to receive a free mini truffle bar with order

I think all readers know by now how in love with food bars I am. I love having them in my handbag for when I am, after the gym or if I am just generally hungry. The Primal Kitchen bars are paleo friendly. Every bar has no more than 5 ingredients in it and 0% junk! It is free from grains, dairy, soy, refined sugars, vegetable sulphites and oils as well as incorporating organic coconut! These taste so healthy (in a good way) that I wouldn't feel bad about eating the five of them (if I had that many) and think is was the perfect afternoon snack.
Enter the code VEGANKIND at checkout to receive £5 off your order

I love the concept of the Rebel Kitchen and making nourishing, tasty snacks for everyone to be able to enjoy whether vegan or just intolerant to dairy. These Mylk's consist of coconut milk, pure water and organic date nectar and come in SIX different flavours and two ranges (kids mylk and adult mylk) including Choco Mylk, Banana Mylk, Matcha Green Tea Mylk, Chocolate Mylk, Chai Mylk and the Orange Mylk TVK gave us to sample. It is like a healthy milkshake but so much better as after you drink it you feel refreshed, energised and just ready to continue with whatever you may be doing. I love these and am already planning my next purchase.

Who loves showers? Tasha loves showers? Especially when you can have one with the Awakening shower gel from Organic Surge! It is so refreshing to use in the morning and the bergamot essential oil really helps lift my mood. I love using this after the gym too as I feel the aroma of the gel makes me feel less pained after a workout, it's a great refresher and very budget friendly considering the organic ingredients. Organic Surge for the win! 

Chicken crisps? Vegan? YES! Firstly let me compliment Ten Acre on their product naming skills because every single crisp name is adorable! e.g When The Chilli Got Sweet or The Story of When Cheese Met The Onion (am I the only one who thinks this is cute?. The crisps are not only vegan and vegetarian but they are also gluten free, dairy free and MSG free a long with being halal and kosher! The taste didn't disappoint either and tasted just like a beautiful homemade chicken soup and not the artificial kind. With eight flavours there are tons to choose from and I definitely need to be ordering some more. 

The magical world of Quinoa introduces us to a winner of 6 Great Taste Awards and comes in four yummy flavours to try! In TVK we got the Pearl & Black Quinoa which has the lovely taste of organic Quinoa with a bit of a crunchy texture. I really liked it and whipped my other half and myself up a really quick wholesome meal with some steamed veggies and a homemade tomato sauce! It was delicious, filling and full of flavour! The Express Quinoa is great as it only takes 2 minutes but doesn't have the artificial preservatives and unhealthy qualities that a lot of quick and express meals have. 

The featured charity of the month is The Dr Hawden Trust, who are the UK's leading non-animal medical research charity! You don't have to subscribe to TVK to donate to them either and can do so by donating online at

What a great box this month too! I am glad I will eat and get use out of everything that this month provides too as I hate waste but all around everything won for me! 

What do you think? Have you tried The Vegan Kind?

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*A huge thank you to the lovely team at TVK for sending me November's box to review! As always, all opinions are my own and 100% honest*