Saturday, January 03, 2015

My Go-To Winter Makeup Routine

I finally made it back onto YouTube! 

Although I had so many fun videos planned for the last three months I have been absent it was pretty unavoidable - so starting with the New Year I am finally, hopefully able to get back on track as I am armed with my new MacBook Pro and able to edit to my hearts content.

My makeup routine is pretty much the same all year around in terms of application and what I feel comfortable doing, obviously throughout the year I discover new products and season relevant products to use but today I am bringing you the makeup look I have been using for the past few months now that the colder weather has settled in! 

Products used

Let me know what you guys think and what you would like to see more of!


  1. your skin looks flawless!

    from helen at

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I can assure you it isn't though