Thursday, February 12, 2015

MAC Lightness of Being: Lightscapade

Filled with pastels, soft pinks, golds and champagnes the new Lightness of Being Winter 2014 Collection recently launched by MAC is gorgeous!

I was lucky enough to be popping past the MAC counter when I saw the new collection had already been put out and of course I couldn't pass up the chance of swatching little bits and pieces. I really wanted to compare the difference between the Mineralize Skin Finish in Lightscapade and Perfect Topping as I have seen numerous amounts of people talking about both. Long story short, I bought Lightscapade because it is absolutely stunning and I know I will be able to use it for a multitude of looks whereas Perfect Topping, although a gorgeous colour too is slightly pinker/warmer and would work well as a luminous blush alone for fairer skins or with a few select colour blushes that fit into the same colour range (in my opinion and from what I was advised).

MAC Lightscapade (£23) is a beautiful pale champagne colour that has pale peach and lavender running through its baked formula. The newest Lightscapade comes packaged in the newest MAC packaging which is a controversial subject on it's own and looks like it has been knitted into the case which I love; I was all over the presentation of the Mineralize Skin Finishes.

As you can see, Lightscapade looks ever so slightly more champagne than the permanent Lightscapade although this could just be the way mine has been marbleised but it seems the permanent one looks more of an off-white whereas mine definitely pulls more of a champagne colour. I feel that this would look great on a lot of skin tones and as mentioned at the start, work well with many different colours of blush, eyeshadow etc. Lightscapade when used as a highlighter isn't too in your face but is definitely noticeable which is something else I love. 

I find I get a good five to six hours wear out of it on a normal day when I haven't set my makeup in place with a spray which I find is the average time with my other highlighters. I cannot wait to start using this more as I am already so obsessed with it! 

Have you been eyeing up some pieces of this collection? Have you used Lightscapade?


  1. What a gorgeous highlighting shade! I love the knitted effect and even though I don't own any of the new packaged products, from what I see I think I prefer it as having a mirror is really handy x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I love the knitted effect too! This will be my first one since they have redone the packaging and to be honest I do prefer it, I like the old one but I like the magnetic closures on these and I prefer the feel, they do feel a tad chunkier and as far as I have been told, many of them don't stack ontop of each other which people hate but I don't stack mine so no problem for me lol :) xx

  2. Lightscapade was my first ever MAC item. I am still so in love with it! Definitely my favourite highlighter, ever!

    1. It is so beautiful! I can see why so many people like it! xx