Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Vegan Kind: March Box (#TVK17)

Running through March's The Vegan Kind box with you all... If you are a snacker, this ones for you!

I have only ever tried one wagon wheel (when I was about 12) and absolutely hated it. This however, I could eat one every hour, seriously. A handcrafted vegan, dairy and gelatine free wagon wheel with the tastiest flavour combination I have ever tried. I will definitely have to invest in some more as I can see what all of the fuss is about! 

No preservatives, no additives, no added sugars, no E numbers and gluten free! If you love your crisps during the day then these healthy crisps will be for you. Unfortunately I have only just gotten past my banana phobia and these are a little out of my comfort zone as I usually have bananas sliced really thin and cooked into my oats so I cant taste them although my other half loved these and says he would recommend them! IF banana isn't for you then there is also pineapple and apple crisps available! 

Rebel Kitchen are by far my FAVOURITE dairy free 'milk' brand. I even like the Banana Mylk (I know, shocker) and their Chocolate Mylks are always stocked up in my fridge. When I saw the Chai Mylk in the box I must have squeeled in excitement as I couldn't imagine a better flavour to satisfy my cravings! This was heaven, it's a must and everyone needs to go out and get some, NOW. 

We have had the Angelic Range before in a previous box and I absolutely loved the Double Chocolate Cookies. I have never tried savoury biscuits, only crackers so these were a welcome taste experiment. I wasn't sure about the first one I had but then found them quite morish. I also loved topping these with some mashed avocado accompanied with salsa and also tried them with sliced strawberries and a small drizzle of agave nectar (it tasted like a healthier version of strawberry cheesecake). You could top them with peanut butter, vegan cheese, hummus or vegan chocolate spread.  

I think this was such a lovely idea and the bag is so bright and colourful. It was very handy on my recent trip to Tesco! They feel very strong and are comfortable to carry around and I love having a keepsake tote bag to use. 

This month's featured campaign is The Trusty Paws Clinic who are a group of fourth year Vet students who offer free treatments as well as food/blankets for homeless dogs in Glasgow - you can find out more on their Facebook page!

This months recipe is a vegan Tofu Pad Thai which comes from the lovely Emily over at the Vegan Lass

What do you think? Have you tried The Vegan Kind?

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