Friday, January 01, 2016

Achieving in the New Year

Here we go again; another New Years Resolution list!

I assume that the majority of people still try and put some semblance of a 'resolution' list together when this magical time starts. I rarely make long term lists as in the last year or so I really have been trying to focus on the short term and direct my energy on working on myself, as cliche as that sounds. I have had a lot to reflect back on as we all do but instead of leaving it until the New Year, I have been looking at it and working through it in short bursts. Strive for progress not perfection, right?

Although I won't be going into long term plans for next year and what I would like to achieve I thought I would leave you (and a short reminder to myself) with what I would realistically like to achieve in the upcoming months.


A lot of things fall under this category, my inner self, outer self, mind and emotions etc and I really do want to continue my progress towards a happier and healthier life. I do need to sort my mind and emotions out but know that once all the little pieces fall into place that this will be much easier to tackle so primarily I will be focusing on my outer self and the way I feel toward how I see myself which, let's set the record straight from here on out - I am my own worst enemy and I really do come down very hard on myself. I am completely aware and know I am doing it but somehow cannot stop. My other half refers to me as a body basher, not towards others as I see the beauty in every shape and size but when it comes to me. A straight forward NO in that department, I am just one of those people that really does not like what they see when they look in the mirror - hard to admit but in order to move forward, needs to be done.

Body & Fitness

So some of you may or may not know but in the last two years I have undergone major lifestyle changes in order to not only lose weight but to put my health first and heal my body.
To date as I sit and write this I have gone from 98.9 kg (15.8 stone OR 218 lbs) to 62.4 kg (9.8 stone OR 137 lbs) making it a total loss of 36.5 kg (6 stone OR 80 lbs) in a year and a half.
I have done this by myself, naturally and slowly in order to make sure my body adapts to the changes and in the last year have enjoyed a more active lifestyle.
This point intertwines with the above point as despite achieving this and logically know I have done well, I just can't seem to be at peace or happy. I am constantly picking at myself and just making myself feel worse.

This leads me to the actual resolution; to keep moving!
I want to sign up to The Body Coach's Lean in 15, 90 Day SSS plan. If you haven't seen this then let me give you a small run down. Joe Wicks (the founder) created this 30 day plan in order to teach and show people how to eat and train in order to optimise results in a healthy period of time while still achieving amazing results without the restriction of modern day diets or fad diets. It provides the knowledge, help and guidance that many people need or look for!
It is £147 which may seem very expensive to some people but I was going to find a personal trainer for 3 days a week which in one week would almost equate to the three months of support and guidance from Joe and his team of body coaches so I know it definitely is a bargain and if it can finally help me towards my last few goals then there is really now price on that.
Once I have signed up and read the welcome pack and got myself adjusted to the plan I will obviously be providing updates on here and on my Instagram - let me know if you'd like this to be a new series on here or if you'd even be interested in how my weeks go!


I made the decision to move out this year and gain some independence and control over my own life. My other half and I have thoroughly enjoyed moving out and living in the adult world.
The only thing I really need to do in this department is to finally pass my theory and drivers as this has been an ongoing step that really does need to happen. I kept holding off because of stupidity and fear but enough is enough, I have had my own car since I was 18 and the fact it has taken me this long is completely ridiculous so it is time to finally buckle down and get on with it!


There is not that much to say about this section but I have thrown myself body and soul into my job since starting last year. I am a counter manager for an amazing makeup brand and have such a drive and passion for the business and really want to stay on this great path. Next year I will carry on striving, grinding and giving my all to this job and even when it gets tough, keep pushing through as I truly couldn't be more blessed.

Blogging & YouTube

Something else that was put on the back burner this year. Due to all other point, emotional state, my job, moving out and all the rest, I really haven't given my all to blogging this year. I have taken a lot of time off to gather myself when times have been rough and again, I am always so hard on myself and feel so guilty but as I am not paid to do either - I always leave until I am in the right mindset which sometimes with all the stress doesn't come around too often but hopefully with getting back on track I can regroup and refocus on this wonderful hobby and continue my passion for sharing all things beauty and lifestyle related.
I have SO many idea, posts and videos I want to do, it is just a matter of time!

Giving Back 

I love the feeling of doing good, helping others, helping animals and want to make sure that just like every other year that I really keep focusing on giving back to those less fortunate or just those who need an extra pair of hands. There is no better feeling in my mind than helping someone and genuinely knowing that what I have done or achieved makes it a little bit easier. I try to apply this everyday, in my job and within my family and friends.
Something so simple but something that can be forgotten very easily.

Live & Travel

I have the Wanderlust bug, every year but never have the money or time to do anything about it so next year I am making the conscious decision to not only put money away into savings but also not to be afraid to spend it doing the things I love, like travelling. Even if it is only in Europe, I want to start ticking some of these beautiful countries and cities off my bucket list!
On the same topic my main travel aim is to go and see my family in South Africa next year and to take my other half to see the stunning country I was born in and to meet my family. Fingers crossed that all goes according to plan because I am itching to leave and have some adventures!

Those are just some of the most relevant 'New Years Resolutions' that I want to focus on and put my all into. I have a few more small kinks to work on but hope that by having at leat seven good, realistic and time consuming goals, that I am able to work on the rest one by one.

Excuse the ramble, guys. Let me know what your goals are for next year and what you would like to see and achieve!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

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